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November 2002 - It gets cold in Dallas, Texas.......... Dallas Texas Cool Websites......

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Massinova is the coolest trance music stream on the planet.

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  • 11.31.02 - Dating/ONline/Personals/Classifieds/Singles Websites - SpecialSomeone.com - Meet someone online for the holidays, new year's eve dates, online dating, check it out.
  • 11.30.02 - Art/Culture/Artists/Photography/World/Recreation/Travel - Artist at Large - art exhibitions, festivals, and happenings around the world each month
  • 11.29.02 - Music/Global/DJ/Dance/NightClub/Alocohol/Community - Heineken Music - Heineken Music Community, gather up the DJ's from around the globe, was a recent stop on Paul Oakenfold's Tour but tonite he is at Red Jacket in Dallas.
  • 11.28.02 - Gambling/Financial/Stock Market/Wagering - Bet on NASDAQ Financial Index betting made easy, bet on all the major financial indexes. NASDAQ, Dow Jones -
  • 11.27.02 - Gambling/Sports Books/Betting/Wagering/ONline - research on cool online sports betting sites
    - bet365.com - Bet Online for NFL Football, NBA Basketball and Soccer
    - Sportingbet.com - SportingBet, gamble on all kinds of sports.
    - eurobet.com - Bet all across the world of sports , Euro and United States Sports betting.
    - Betfair - Bet on NBA and European Basketball at Bet Fair.
    - Sports Interaction.com - Basketball betting with our Sportsbook
    - Online Sportsbook Wagering - Sportbook online that rocks! NCAA and NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, baseball, soccer, and golf.
    - SPORTSBETTING.COM - Sports Betting for NBA Basketball, NFL Football and more sports gambling.
    - Gambing Place Sportsbook & Casino - Gambling online with Sports Book Betting on Football and basketball
    - Footbal Pools - 100% MatchPlay Bonus Wagering at Yetbet is like playing the football pools and the odds are amazing
  • 11.26.02 - Beverages/Alcohol/Energy Drinks/Online Shopping/Flash - Wet Planet Beverages - Buy Jolt. XTC, DNA, Poker Beer and wine.
  • 11.25.02 - Shockwave/Games/Movies/Cartoons/Humor/Comedy - Monkey Ninjas - Very cool Cartoons, Monkey Ninjas be sure and watch the first and second episode
  • 11.24.02 - Movies/Films/Screenplays/Short Films - Trigger Street - Trigger Street Productions, Inc., was formed in 1997 by Kevin Spacey to develop and produce entertainment in a variety of mediums.
  • 11.23.02 - Flash/Design/Technology/Designers - Dream Shocker - Very cool Flash website design, i love the screens, very cool flash, wish the portfolio was linked.
  • 11.22.02 - Food/Gourmet/Confections/Fudge - Lone Star Fudge - Most excellent Gourmet fudge metls in your mouth...
  • 11.21.02 - Food/Gourmet/Confections/Toffee - Moon Toffee - This stuff is KILLER!!! Very cool Toffee, so yummy, great to eat cold.
  • 11.20.02 - Websites/Internet/Humor/Translators/Games/Fun - Rinkworks Dialectizer - view coolwebsites.org in different dialects..
    Hacker, Redneck , Jive, Moron, Cockney , Elmer Fudd , Swedish Chef , Pig Latin
  • 11.19.02 - Film/Dallas/Independent Film/Festivals - Deep Ellum Film Festival - Excellent Film Festival with Independent Films viewed in some of the best theatres in Dallas.
  • 11.18.02 - Sport Book/Sportsbook Online/off shore sportsbook/internet sportbook - Online Sportsbook Wagering - Sportbook online that rocks! NCAA and NFL football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, and golf. Sport book Online with real gambling and free games!
  • 11.17.02 - Programs/Internet/Theft/DMCA/Music Downloads/Sharing - Kazaa - not sure if I like this due to the bandwidth waste, not sure if I like the thought of people not buying music CD's when then think getting them for free is ok.
  • 11.16.02 - Movies/Horror/Videotape/Chain Letters/Flash - The Ring - I made a copy of the website so I should be okay, hng on my phone is ringing, ut oh... DON'T REGISTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR E_MAIL.
  • 11.15.02 - Law/Legal/Law Firms/Attorneys and Lawyers/Texas/Dallas - Hurt Lawyer - David Pickett and Associates Law Firm, specializes in; Personal Injury, Nursing Home Abuse, Nursing Home Neglect, Medical Malpractice, Motorcycle Accidents, Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Death, Unsafe Product Claims, 1-800-HURT-911
  • 11.14.02 - Internet/Cool People/Intelligence/Journalists - Paul Boutin - Cool writer, a viewpoint worth reading, knows his subject well.
  • 11.13.02 - Diversity/Advertising/Financial/Loans/PayDay - The Money Stop - this site must get a diversity score of 10, Pay Day Loans, You get a loan against your next pay day, as long as you have , Direct Deposit on payday then you can get a cash advance, normally called overdraft protection with a bank account.
  • 11.12.02 - Flash/Music/Dallas/Texas/Arts/Classical/Opera - Dallas Opera - Beethoven's Operatic Fidelio, very nice Flash intro.
  • 11.11.02 - Flash/Developers/Design - freaklancer - nice solo freelancer tastefully done in flash.
  • 11.10.02 - Flash/Music/Dance/Trance/Nightclubs/Deejays (DJ)/Dallas - BT - playing at the Red Jacket - not only is it BT, Rob Vaughn is opening, a must see for any Dallas dance music lover
  • 11.09.02 - Flash/Music/Dance/Trance/Nightclubs/DeeJays (DJ)/Dallas - Paul Oakenfold - Paul Oakenfold, playing Nov. 29th at Red Jacket.. gotta go!!!
  • 11.08.02 - Comdey/Humor/Satire/Racial Issues - Black People Love Us! - do you have black friends? I know we do!!
  • 11.07.02 - HVAC/Air Conditioning/Wholesale Suppliers - Benchmark Coils - These are the parts of an air conditioner that actually make it run very efficiently, Benchmark has tweaked these units to deliver costs savings and better performance from air conditioning units.
  • 11.06.02 - Air Filtration/Molds/Air Ducts/Sanitizers/Food Storage - Crisp Air - Breathe cleaner air, keep food longer, eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odors, air pollutants and cold and virus causing germs through UV / O3 Catalytic Oxidation.
  • 11.05.02 - Laundry/Cleaning Systems/Ozone - Ozone Laundry Systems - If you are a hotel or hospital facility and need to wash lots of towels, clothes, uniforms, etc. this product can save money.

    Notice: We have tried to decipher political stuff of the web as it applies to the State of Texas.

  • 11.04.02 - Politics/Texas/Races/Candidates Websites:
    Rick Perry Governor - while I don't like his ad, i vote ticket on this one.. however..
    Tony Sanchez Governor - will most likely win and he is a businessman which is good for the Texas economy just like George W. Bush was and sincerely has the Hispanic community in focus.
    David Dewhurst - Lt. Governor - is this it.. David Dewhurst.com - I find it amazing that some people allow copyright infringement and are unaware of the DMCA, but karma is a powerful thing.
    Ron Kirk - U.S. Senate - The other (a republican, I am a card carrying one), just went to far, bad republican.
    Kirk Watson - Attorney General - endorsed by CLEAT - Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, which means pretty much want the majority of Police want.

  • 11.03.02 - Politics/Texas/Senate/Dallas - Texans want the Truth - Hmm.. makes you wonder who to vote for, always voted republican, go back over the years and you can see the bush banner, don't like politics and this is why, but makes me want to vote for Ron Kirk.
  • 11.02.02 - Nightlife/Libations/Alcohol/Guides/Recipes/Drinks - Bartending Recipes - Bartending guide with games and recipes, go figure it is a "student" centered site.
  • 11.01.02 - Dallas/Texas/Internet/Web Design/Consultants/Web Services/Flash - Dallas Texas Website Designers dallas web services firm specializing in web design, web programming, Troubleshooting, Flash Development, E-commerce Solutions, website Bid Consulting, Search Engine Optimization web Application Development , Intranet Development ,Secure Domain Hosting and Encrypted Communications. (yes, this is our company).

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