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What makes a Cool Web Site listing? Simply put, coolness of some kind. Cool Web Design, Cool content,Cool music use, Cool usefulness, Cool weirdness, Cool Flash Examples, Cool Music, Cool Shopping, Cool Recipes, Cool Food, Cool Events Really good trance or the use of Trance Music or any music used skilfully and not country/western or rap/hip hop, just something, that... makes you want look at the entire cool web site.

Caution: Some cool websites require plug-ins or may take some time to download.

October 2002 - a new journey begins.......... Dallas Texas Cool Websites......

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  • 10.31.02 - Holidays/Halloween/Candy/Trick or Treat/Flash - Trick or Treat - Hersey's Candy provides, Ghostly Treats, Ghoulish Games, Spooky Activities and Creepy Free Stuff.
  • 10.30.02 - Friends/Compadres/Dance Music/Promotions - HAPPY B-DAY Raetsel!! System 7 - Dance music collective promoting events in Austin, Texas and beyond.
  • 10.29.02 - Telecommunications/Dallas/System Design/Network Design/ROI/Technology Research/QISV - Prettyman and Associates - Telecommunications firm in Dallas provides voice/data/network solutions that increase your return on investment.
  • 10.28.02 - Photography/News/Police/Criminal/Mug Shots - Arresting Images - mugshots of the Rich and Famous, or infamous.. this one fits particulary well, click on the banner to go to the index page.
  • 10.27.02 - Actors/Silly/Flash/Biography - Bam Margera - Cool Website about one of the crazy people in the JackASS movie.
  • 10.26.02 - East Texas/Tyler/Attorneys - Wilson Law Firm - Very nice clean site for corporate attorneys in Tyler, Texas.
  • 10.25.02 - Dallas/Texas/Personal Injury/Car Wreck/Lawyer/Attorneys/Flash - Adrian Crane - kind of a cool flash site for personal injury/car wreck lawyer in Dallas.
  • 10.24.02 - Stories/Humor/Real Life/Work - Totally Off The Record - need to get something off your chest, but can't tell anyone at work?
  • 10.23.02 - Playstation/Flash/Online Games - Wild Arms 3 for Playstation2 - ok definitely something that will require a fair amount of time to explore.
  • 10.22.02 - Music/DJ/Deejays/UK/Trance/Dance - Judge Jules - this guy plays at Red Jacket in Dallas on the 24th, don't miss it.
  • 10.21.02 - Internet/Domain Registration/Domain Search - Domain Surfer - kind neat, put in the word and it shows you all the domains registered already, I spent about 20 mins. here.
  • 10.20.92 - Internet/Search Engines/Toolbars/Browser Plug-ins - - Alexa ToolBar, google searching and some other nifty type links.. great for online shopping, you can verify who owns what, etc...
  • 10.19.02 - Grocerybiz/Prepaid Credit Card/Grocery Bill/Z Tel/Save Money - Grocerybiz - Cool website that save you money on grocery bill, long distance, and more. Grocerybiz is a membership based company helping your grocery coupons go further making your bill become smaller!
  • 10.18.02 - Flash/Dallas/Web Designers/Flash Development - Apartment 826 - Excellent Flash designer, I imagine you shall see great things come from this one.
  • 10.17.02 - Texas/Worker's Compensation/Attorneys/Doctors/Help - Texas Worker's Compensation - Had a friend that got injured on the job, went here and got taken care of, he wanted me to list this because they did a good job.
  • 10.16.02 - Dallas/Texas/Limousine Service/Transportation - Dallas Limousine Service - very cool transportation in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area.
  • 10.15.02 - Relocation/Dallas/Texas/Apartment Living - Rent.Net - not sure if this works as good for other cities beside Dallas, Texas but if it does, use it.
  • 10.14.02 - Medical/Surgery/New Products - Syderma - This stuff is really cool, you can put it on your hands and they are protected from outside diseases as well as hydrochloric acid.
  • 10.13.02 - Medical/Healthcare/Neurosurgery/Texas - Tyler Neurosurgical - Very excellent site on neurosurgery and neurosurgical procedures.
  • 10.12.02 - Dallas/News/Scandals/Underground Info - DALLAS.ORG - strong viewpoints but good information.
  • 10.11.02 - Flash/Backgrounds/design - Reality Slip - very cool flash interface and nice desktop backgrounds.
  • 10.10.02 - Internet Service Providers/903 Area Code/Texas - Ballistic Action Net - thanks to Ballistic for hosting cool sites for since sept. 1996.
  • 10.09.02 - Music/Trance/Deejays/Gods/Flash - Dj Sasha - half of God (must include Digweed), rocks the house at the Red Jacket, (site needs help), on the 9th.
  • 10.08.02 - Music/Nightclubs/Nightlife/Dallas/Texas - The Red Jacket - Killer Cool Club.. very weak website
  • 10.07.02 - Dallas/Apartments/Communities - The Gables - where I ended up living, excellent place so far!!
  • 10.06.02 - Texas/Dallas/Apartments/Leasing/Midtown/Mockingbird Lane/Communities - The Phoenix - Midtown - very cool apartment complex , my first choice on where to live in Dallas, a must see, ask for Stacy Sherbet, perfect, very helpful dallas apartment leasing consultant.
  • 10.05.02 - Food/Restaurants/Dallas/ - AOL DALLAS Food - AOL rated the best Mexican food restaurants in DFW Area.
  • 10.04.02 - Wireless/Messaging/Paging/PDA - Radio.Net - Allen Gwinn, the guru of wireless has all you need to know about the future of Wireless Communications.
  • 10.03.02 - Internet/Web Services/Consultants/Dallas/Texas - Fueled - Dallas Web Services firm specializing in Web Design, Web Programming, Troubleshooting, Flash Development, E-commerce Solutions, Website Bid Consulting, Search Engine Optimization Web Application Development , Intranet Development ,Secure Domain Hosting and Encrypted Communications.
  • 10.02.02 - Cities/Business/Directories/Texas/Dallas - Greater Dallas Chamber - Great directory for businesses in the Dallas Area.

  • 10.01.02 - Cities/Texas/Dallas - Dallas, Texas - very cool info, just moved here and found out good info, oops, need to go back and change me driver's license.

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