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February 2003 - Valentine's Day - Dallas Texas NightLife, Dallas Texas Shopping and Dallas Texas Dining - Where to party and what to do in the DFW Metroplex, (Dallas, Texas - Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding cities) , Where to party and what to do in Dallas, Texas...  Dallas Texas Cool Websites.

What makes a Cool Web Site listing? Simply put, coolness of some kind. Cool Web Design, Cool content,Cool music use,Cool usefulness, Cool weirdness, Cool Dallas Texas, Fort Worth or DFW Metroplex Websites , Cool Flash Examples, Cool Music,Cool Shopping, Cool Recipes, Cool Food, CoolEvents Really good trance or the use of Trance Music orany music used skilfully and not country/western or rap/hip hop, just something,that... makes you want look at the entire cool web site.

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Someone e-mailed and said "if this is your first time here, it is better to start at the bottom",

  • Music Link/Dance & DJ - Amazon calls the section Dance and DJ, so here is the link, I may post more links to Trance, Techno, Dance music in the future but the everyday thing is running out.
  • 02.28.03 - Payday Loans/PAyday loans/pay day loans/cash advance/flash - Money Stop - payday loans, payday loans, payday loans, cash advances and payday loans, click here for payday loans..
  • Music Link/Remix - another excellent music magazine.
  • 02.27.03 - Dining/Discounts/Idine/Restaurants - Idine Dining Reward Program - Idine dining reward program pays you up to 20% back on your entire bill including tip at participating restaurants. Register up to 3 credit cards.
  • Music Link/URB Magazine - was trying to find the tape I am listening to in my vehicle but amazon doesn't have it, good magazine.
  • 02.26.03 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Dallas/Texas/DFW/Traffic/Weather - - blatant plug for new project launching within the next few days.
  • Music Link/Big Men Cry - Banco De Gaia - only 6 songs but great music.
  • 02.25.03 - Music/Internet/Streaming/Free MP3 Downloads/Radio - Listen or broadcast internet radio at Live365
  • Music Link/Biography: Greatest Hits (Bonus CD) - Lisa Stansfield, great place to grab vocal samples plus very cool romantic music.
  • 02.24.03 - Music/Online Shopping/Discounts/Free Shipping - CD WOW! - Great prices on CD's plus free shipping.
  • Music Link/Choice - Danny Tenaglia - third release in the Choice Series, great mix!
  • 02.23.03 - Flash/Music/Dance/Mixing/Digital Mixing - - Remix Music with the Free Mixman Studio Demo Now
  • Music Link/Mixed Live: 2nd Session Clubspace Miami... - Tall Paul - live in Miami
  • 02.22.03 - Flash/Games/Rules/Humor - Rock, Paper Scissors - The Official Rock, Paper, Scissors Society... look I am running with Scissors!!
  • Music Link/International: Best of New Order (Ltd Ed...DVD) - has 3 videos on it and is another New Order Compilation for those that must have it all
  • 02.21.03 - Flash/Games/Humor/Cartoons/Games - Giggle Stick - almost beat Grampa up but had to go....
  • Music Link/Night at the Tables - Dirty Vegas DJ mix CD.
  • 02.20.03 - Flash/Science/Solar System/Mars/Exhibits - Explore Mars Now - Very cool site that allows you to find out information about the planet Mars.
  • Music Link/Retro - New Order Box set with classic remixes and some older live tunes.
  • 02.19.03 - Texas/Medical/Eye Surgery/Contacts - Sulphur Springs Vision Center and Eye Clinic - Good information on Eye Care in East Texas.
  • Music Link/Disco 3 - New Realease mixed by and from the Pet Shop Boys.
  • 02.18.03 - Food/Products/Vegatables/Games/Flash - Best Maid - Are pickles vegatables? These people probably make the BEST sweet pickles, cool pickle eatin' flash games.
  • Music Link/Other People's Songs - Erasure does some really popular songs..hmm..
  • 02.17.03 - Payday Loans/Cash Advance/Financial/NO Credit Loans/Direct Deposit - Bad Credit Payday Loans - Broke after Valentine's Day? Need a cash adavnace or payday loan? Check out the Moneystop.
  • Music Link/Swordfish - very cool soundtrack to a very cool movie.
  • 02.16.03 - Comedy/Defensive Driving/Schools/Instruction/Flash/Dallas/Texas -Comedy Defensive Driving School - Comedians help you "laff off your ticket", it's a defensive driving class taught by Comedians. Oh, turn your sound up.
  • Music Link/Odyssey 1992-2002 - Compilation CD from Juno Reactor, a must have.
  • 02.15.03 - Medical/Purchasing/Supplies/Cooperative/GPO - FirstChoice Cooperative - not a traditional GPO, this school district, medical,surgical and municipal group purchasing organization gives money back to it's members. NOTE: check out the emergency notice.
  • Music Link/Like the Deserts Miss the Rain (Ltd Ed... - Limited Edition Bonus CD from Everything but the Girl.
  • 02.14.03 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Shopping/Jewelry/Discount - So if you are buying today you are really late, spend big! Save up to 75% off fine Jewelry & Watches from, winner of the Yahoo! 5-Star Top Service Award since 1999! .
  • Music Link/Stark Raving Mad - pre-order the new John Digweed CD
  • 02.13.03 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Shopping/Jewelry/Discount - - 20% off on fine jewelry, watches and accessories. Use coupon code YRFGVKD at checkout. Free shipping!.
  • Music Link/Ultra Dance 3
  • 02.12.03 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Shopping/Jewelry - Heavenly Treasures - You are late by now so better make it Jewelry, Get a Free Italian Charm bracelet starter with the purchase of any charm. They sell only original Zoppini charms.
  • Music Link/Bpm Presents: That Trance Mix 2
  • 02.11.03 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Shopping/affordable Heathcare - Affordable Healthcare - Discounted healthcare program that accepts everyone, even with pre-existing conditions, for an afforable rate. Medical, Dental, Vision, and More!
  • Music Link/Global (Bonus Dvd) - Paul Van Dyk
  • 02.10.03 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Shopping/Flowers/Jewelry - Romance Her - If you are going to send Roses, be unique! Send real roses preserved in 24kt gold!
  • Music Link/Come with Us - New Chemical Brothers
  • 02.09.03 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Shopping/Balloons/Flowers - Just Flowers - even though it say "just flowers" they actually sell balloons as well which if you want to get a gift that will actually scare some people (BANG! POP!) you can get balloons as well.
  • Music Link/The Richest Man in Babylon - by Theivery Corporation
  • 02.08.03 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Shopping/Plants - Bonsai Boy of New York - Ok, so while I may be a frequent buyer of Flowers (usually for no reason), this will last longer plus is very easy to care for.
  • Music Link/100th Window - Massive Attack's latest
  • 02.07.03 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Shopping/Ownership - - You can buy a share of Tiffany & Co., or many other large traded corporations, give them ownership for Valentine's Day.
  • Music Link/BT- 10 Years in the Life - a must have for any BT fan.
  • 02.06.03 - Valentine's Day/Gifts/Holidays/Nature/Conservation/Shopping/ - - Instead of giving flowers that will die soon, why not give a gift that grows, 2 for 1 special on public lands.
  • Music Link/Northern Exposure III: Expeditions
  • 02.05.03 - Global Issues/United States of America/Office of Homeland Security/Alerts - Office of Homeland Security - If there is a an alert for the U.S. this is the place where they will post it first.
  • Music Link/Underworld - Dinosaur Adventure 3 1
  • 02.04.03 - Global Issues/War/Iraq/United Nations/Colin Powell - General Colin Powell's presentation to the U.N. - Yep, right here online, see the "power point" type presentation along with video of Gen. Colin Powell's case to the United Nations against Irag.
  • Music Link/39 Trance Anthems in the Mix - another good various artists mix CD
  • 02.03.03 - Payday Loans/Cash Advances/Checking Account Loans/Savings Account Loans/Bad Credit - The Money Stop -, the moneystop, cash advance, payday loans, instead of the $20 per item charge for a $23 tank of gas, get it all at once..
  • Music Link/In My Memory - Tiesto!!!
  • 02.02.03 - Computers/Networks/Shopping/Parts/Sales/Service - Donaldson Network Consulting - friend of mine who hooks me up with all my computers and fixes them when they break, on the weekends, a great guy and has good prices.
  • Music Link/Community Service - Crystal Method Remixes
  • 02.01.03 - Consultants/Telecommunications and Business Phone Systems/Phone Bill Audits - Prettyman & Assoc., Inc. - Telecommunications consulting firm does physical inventory phone bill audits, RFP consulting and implementation.

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