Here is a List of Cool sites, a journey I believe I may dread in the near future. I have decided to add one site a day, beginning September 1st, 1996. Labor Day, hmm, maybe that is a bad omen??

9/1/96....Labor Day, this is the ultimate cool site. Cool Site of the Day!

9/2/96....The day after total laziness...just what I need! Jolt Cola!!!

9/3/96....One of my favourite bands, straight out of Texas. It's the Surfers!!!!!! Cool Java scripts, and I am just waiting for the sounds.

9/4/96....Ok, get this, You can see the internet, you can hear the internet, and with subwoofers you can feel the internet, now you can Smell the internet. Is this a good thing? Would Martha Stewart approve?

9/5/96....Do you feel like you could survive in the untamed wilderness of Austrailia? Learn to speak Aussie

9/6/96....This is what I wanna be when I grow up. Razorfish

9/7/96....Very nice Website, very classical.Eclectica

9/8/96....If you like Sci-Fi stuff, this is a Really cool site. If you dont it is still cool Dominion

9/9/96....Another great Texas site!! UT Advertising Dept.

9/10/96...I need a vacation!!! Let's go Surfin'

9/11/96...What do you drink in the morning? Let's have Fun with Fluids!!!

9/12/96...Like music, check this site out..Joe Vincelli

9\13\96...And now a word from the dark side of music.

9/14/96...It's the weekend! FREE BEER!!!

9/15/96...Can we talk? What exactly is Anal Leakage

9/16/96...Need a laugh? Comedy Central

9/17/96...Speaking of Tv, check this out..Fox51

9/18/96...Funny name for a domain, but a really cool site!

9/19/96...Taking the web to the Limit!

9/20/96...I'm not Paranoid, they are really out to get me.

9/21/96...Do you have a website? LOOK!

9/22/96....It's the weekend,Outdoor Activites

9/23/96....Going Shopping?The Mall!!!!

9/24/96....Wanna see ALL over the world? WorldCam

9/25/96....Do you sit on IRC for hours with 4 clients running? Bandwidth

9/26/96...Speaking of Bandwidth, check this out.Macquarium

9/27/96...This guy has way too much time on hid hands.

9/28/96...A day in the life of the Internet.Pictures

9/29/96...Need an ISP?, Look here.

9/30/96...Pretty cool for a personal homepage..Watta

October 1996 Cool Websites

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