Here is a List of Cool sites, a journey I believe I may dread in the near future. I have decided to add one site a day, beginning September 1st, 1996. Labor Day, hmm, maybe that is a bad omen??..........It is now October, one month down how many to go?

September sites, see the cool sites from last month!!!
10/1/96...Cocktails? anyone?

10/2/96...Vending Machines in Cyberspace?

10/3/96...Want your own personal search engine??

10/4/96...Surprise, surprise, E-cards..

10/5/96...Need software?

10/6/96...Taking a Trip?

10/7/96...Someone asked me for backgrounds, here ya go! Wacky Wallpaper.

10/8/96...Are you Addicted?

10/9/96...Feeling ill? Maybe you have a Virus

10/10/96..Did you know that you can have something surf for you?

10/11/96..What to do when the ol' 'puter goes to Sleep

10/12/96..Sometimes you must walk around in the.... Dark....

10/13/96..Taking a Trip?

10/14/96..This could be really cool if....

10/15/96..In college? Going to college? Looking for a college

10/16/96..Missing your favorite radio programs? AudioNet

10/17/96..Need a good laugh? Wallpaper

10/18/96..Another good laugh..Baywatch

10/19/96..Need some SHAREWARE!

10/20/96..Do you play video games?

10/21/96..Ok, it's not a cool site but a Cutesite.

10/22/96..Need something for yer puter?

10/23/96..FREE software?

10/24/96..Are you a silly git? Can you say "nee"? Would you send me some shrubbery ?

10/25/96..Rave Music & Chemicals


10/27/96..What was that word that means...??? Thesaurus

10/28/96..Feeling ready for Halloween? Radio

10/29/96..Hmmmm..need some adventure?

10/30/96..Going to the mall?(the site was really cool for halloween i dont know if it is now.)

10/31/96..This has got to be the ultimate halloween site.

November 1996 Cool Websites

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