Here is a List of Cool sites, a journey I believe I may dread in the near future.
I have decided to add one site a day, beginning September 1st, 1996.
Labor Day, hmm, maybe that is a bad omen??..........
It is now October, one month down how many to go?.....
Well Halloween has come and gone, and now we march into Thanksgiving ....

Would you like to see the first month of Paisley's cool sites?

How about the month of October?

Cool Sites for November

11/1/96..This game hasn't made it to the Macintosh platform yet but it is still a cool site.

11/2/96..Have any stocks?

11/3/96..Looking for cool Advertising?

11/4/96..Are you forever looking out of Windows

11/5/96..Internet solutions?

11/6/96..Sports!!! blah, but alas still very good page!!

11/7/96..Still have questions about the Internet?

11/8/96..want an E-mail address?

11/9/96-11/11/96..Sorry Went to a Rave in New Orleans then got the flu

11/12/96..Step off sucker Dj's Use Keyboards

11/13/96..Looks like Clubbing time!!

11/14/96..You speak French?

11/15/96..New Musicyou say?

11/16/96..Get some .Wav files here!

11/17/96..More Music....

11/18/96.."A rose, a fine Wine, and thou"

11/19/96.."Castles made of sand...."

11/20/96..You like movies? Like what was the name of the teacher in "Fast times at Ridgemont high"?

11/21/96..Get yer news!!!!!!

11/22/96..hmmm...what are we gonna do this weekend??

11/23/96..Do you cut hair? Do you ever want to?

11/24/96..Screensavers, now a news reader?

11/25/96..Flintstones,meet the flintstones, nope it just the Rubble guy

11/26/96...Looking for dance music or sound equipment?, go to the DJStore

11/27/96..Two all beef patties, special sauce,lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions,on a sesame seed bun.

11/28/96..Is it cool? You decide..Is it worth $40,000.00?

11/29/96..Goa Trance..

11/30/96..Wanna find me? go here.

Coming soon....December!!!

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