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The 6th Year of this Cool Site stuff! CoolWebsites.Org
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What makes a Cool Web Site listing? Simply put, coolness of some kind. Cool Web Design, Cool content,Cool music use, Cool usefulness, Cool weirdness, Cool Flash Examples, Cool Music, Cool Shopping, Cool Recipes, Cool Food, Cool Events Really good trance or the use of Trance Music or any music used skillfully and not country/western or rap/hip hop, just something, that... makes you want look at the entire cool web site.

Caution: Some cool websites require plug-ins or may take some time to download. I have Ballistic DSL

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November 2001 - - Thanksgiving History of Paisley's Cool Sites....

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Massinova is the coolest
music stream on the internet. Trance Music at it's best streaming
random Trance music.

  • 11.30.01 - Business/Manufacturers/Agriculture - Maverick Manufacturing - Has some really nifty products for fishing or for gardening.
  • 11.29.01 - Business/Manufacturers/Trailers - Big Tex Trailers - Big Tex Trailers won the Ernst & Young Entrepeneur of the Year Award for 2001.
  • 11.28.01 - East Texas/Hospitals/Healthcare/Web Awards - East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System - Recently won THE "WebAward" from, loads of great, up to date health information, (it changes at midnight every day).
  • 11.27.01 - Fiction/Fantasy/Movies/Animation - Lord of the Rings - They changed the cool flash site, go look, then go see the movie.
  • 11.26.01 - World/Disasters/War/Nuclear - Nuclear Threat Initiative - Ted Turner and Sam Nunn have joined together to create the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a charitable organization working to reduce the risk of use and prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
  • 11.25.01 - Music/Trance/Electronica/Remixes - BT - Rare and Remixed - get it while it's on sale, most excellent composition and recording.
  • 11.24.01 - Healthcare/Hospitals/East Texas/Athens - ETMC Athens - East Texas Medical Center Hospital in Athens, Texas.
  • 11.23.01 - PlayStation 2/Games/Flash/PG-13 - Grand Theft Auto 3 - Played this earlier before/after Thanksgiving. Dont buy this for kids under 16.
  • 11.22.01 - Metal Finishing/Supplies/Wholesale - Southwest Metal Finishing - go into the shopping cart and build your own bufing wheels, complete source for metal finishing needs.
  • 11.21.01 - Automobile/Dealerships/East Texas - Jack O'Diamonds - Lincoln/Mercury, Honda, Volvo and Dodge dealer in East Texas.
  • 11.20.01 - Cellular/Wireless/Texas/Louisiana - Planet Wireless Store - Wireless experts with a great selection of phones and rate plans.
  • 11.19.01 - Business/Financial/Banks/East Texas - Austin Bank - very cool bank site, lots of banks in East Texas.
  • 11.18.01 - Flash/Action Scripts/Resources - Flashzilla - some neat little flash experiments, and nice resource for learning flash.
  • 11.17.01 - Flash/Programming/Plug-ins - Unadjusted - 3D modeling online.
  • 11.16.01 - Flash/Media/Developers/Professional - CEVOMedia - Don't usually list developer sites unless they are really good.
  • 11.15.01 - Music/Composers/Trance/Dance - Deep Dish - Djs, producers, composers of the technology age.
  • 11.14.01 - America/Flash/Photography - Anthem - Very cool Flash movie.
  • 11.13.01 - Movies/Families/Flash - Domestic Disturbance - Family mystery starring John Travolta, cool flash site with online paranoia quiz.
  • 11.12.01 - Lunch/School/Games/Shockwave - Lunch Buddy - School meal planner for kids/ parents and teachers with fun games about nutrition.
  • 11.10.01 - Restaurants/Food/Diners - Rubys - Very cool website for a diner, I wish there was one close by.
  • 11.09.01/09.03.96 - Music/Flash/Games - Butthole Surfers - It's like I grew up with these guys.
  • 11.08.01/11.04.97 - Automobiles/Manufacturers/American - Buick - I dont think this was that cool back then.
  • 11.07.01/11.02.97 - Shopping/Gifts/Expensive - Neiman Marcus - remember that cookie recipe? I got it..
  • 11.06.01/09.04.96 - Computers/Internet/Humor - Real Aroma - this is still funny, but now possible.
  • 11.05.01 - Music/Trance/Streaming Audio - Massinova - Happy One Year Anniversary, life just would not be the same without you.
  • 11.04.01/11.20.96 - Movies/Previews/News/ - Internet Movie Database - it's all here.

    Just in case you were wondering... NO AUTO POP-UP WINDOWS!!, ever. If your site has 'em go away, you annoy us, so what if it got clicked on by 5 million people, 825,000 of them were going to buy something from you, but they got a pop-up ad after they hit and got that stupid camera ad, (and I will not buy that product for sure, when i go to buy one, christmas is here and we all know what NOT to buy.).. anyways, they left your site so why should we want to link to it in another window, that would give us 3?.
    ( sorry, but I'm sure you feel the pain.)

  • 11.03.01/11.13.96 - Clubbing/New York/Music - Club Planet - this used to go to, found a cool music site there, maybe the archives ARE good for something.
  • 11.02.01/11.01.96 - Games/Online/News - - Stomped, still around, and still kickin'...
  • 11.01.01 - Flash/Music/Rock - Rob Zombie - i missed one..
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