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Websites, Dallas Apartments, Dallas Texas Apartments Dallas Restaurants,, DFW Metroplex..- Dallas Texas NightLife, Dallas Texas Shopping and Dallas Texas Dining Where to party and what to do in the DFW Metroplex,(Dallas, Texas - Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding cities) ,  Where to shop  in Uptown Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas... Dallas Texas Cool Websites. May 2005 - Cool Websites for Dallas, Texas, Dallas Apartments, Restaurants, Dallas Blogs, Dallas Texas Apartments , Dallas, Texas Blogs, Dallas Restaurants, Dallas Advertising, Dallas Internet Marketing, Dallas Texas Shopping and Dallas Texas Dining Where to party and what to do in the DFW Metroplex, Shopping in Dallas and Fort Worth... Dallas Texas Cool Websites. Dallas Cowboys!! Dance Music DJ's , Addison, Texas. WebAwards, Cool Web Awards.

What makes a Cool Web Site listing? Simply put, coolness of some kind. Cool Web Design, Cool content,Cool music use, Cool usefulness, Cool weirdness, Cool Dallas Texas, Fort Worth or DFW Metroplex Websites , Cool Flash Examples, Cool Music, Cool Shopping,  Cool Food, Cool Events Really good trance or the use of Trance Music or any music used skilfully and not country/western or rap/hip hop, just something, that... makes you want look at the entire cool web site. What makes a Cool Web Site listing? Simply put, coolness of some kind. Cool Web Design, Cool content,Cool music use, Cool usefulness, Cool weirdness, Cool Dallas Texas, Fort Worth or DFW Metroplex Websites , Cool Flash Examples, Cool Music, Cool Shopping, Cool Food, Cool Events Really good trance or the use of Trance Music or any music used skilfully and not country/western or rap/hip hop, just something, that... makes you want look at the entire cool web site.
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05.31.05 - Recreation/Games/Card_Games/Poker/Online/Professional Poker Players
Doyle Brunson - Apparently this is "The Man" when it comes to poker so why would I want to play against him online? Think I can win?
05.30.05 - Recreation/Games/Card_Games/Poker/Tournaments/Las Vegas
Harrah's 2005 World Series of Poker - Do people really get excited about watching people play cards on TV? Is there a Super Bowl of Poker?
05.29.05 - Recreation/Games/Card_Games/Poker/Professional Players
Texas Hold 'Em - I live in Texas and we didn't play this game that much, is this because a Texan is President of the United States?
05.28.05 - Recreation/Games/Card_Games/Poker/Online
Party Poker - It seems you just can't get away from this ad campaign anymore, gamble your life away!
05.27.05 - Television/Automobiles/Cars/Customization/Choppers/Celebrity
Monster Garage - Jesse James is a sick man, in a good way, first the choppers craze, now he makes really cool cars into cool monster vehicles. Word is he is hooking up with Sandra Bullock.
05.26.05 - Flash/Games/Online Roleplaying Games
City Of Villains - The bad side of an online game, City of Villians is the sequel to City of Heroes by NCSoft. A very cool Flash website for the game and the game designers.
05.25.05 - Music/Electronica/Trance/Dance Music/DJs/Booking Agents
TCA The Collective Agency - One of if not the top booking agents for electronica Djs.
05.24.05 - Flash/Music Festivals/Electronica/Trance/Dance Music/DJs/UK
Global Gathering UK - Turn up your speakers and listen to the video about a two day music festival in the U.K. with some of the best Djs in the world. July 29th - 30th. Digweed, Plump Djs, Pete Tong, Judge Jules and more. Long Marston Airfield, near Stratford upon Avon, U.K.
05.23.05 - Flash/Music/Electronica/Trance/Dance Music/DJs
John Digweed (the other 1/2 of God) - The coolest DJ on the planet, very cool flash website as well.
05.22.05 - Flash/Music/Electronica/Trance/Dance Music/DJs
Sasha (1/2 of God) - There are DJs who turn up, play records and make people dance. And there are producers who make the dancefloor-igniting records those DJs will kill for. There are very few people in dance music who can do both and Sasha is the leader of the pack.
05.21.05 - Flash/Spain/Ibiza/NightClubs/Music/Electronica/Trance/Dance Music/DJs
El Divino - Ibiza - Apartments, Restaurants, Bars all with the El Divino Complex, Opens May 27th.
05.20.05 - Spain/Ibiza/Music/Electronica/Trance/Dance Music/DJs
Ibiza Spotlight - Here is everything you need to plan and book your perfect holiday: accommodation with safe online reservations, the clubbing calendar, selected restaurants, guides to beaches, towns and country with Spotlight maps.
05.19.05 - Flash/Music/Electronica/Trance/Dance Music/Labels
Om Records - Founded in 1995, Om Records has tirelessly built a strong foundation and reputation based on the idea of "future music". Known for the critically acclaimed Mushroom Jazz, Om Lounge, San Francisco Sessions and Deep Concentration series, Om also holds an all star roster of over 15 artists. These artists include Soulstice , Marques Wyatt , Juan Atkins (The Godfather of Techno) and Mark Farina
05.18.05 - Flash/Music/Electronica/Trance/Dance Music/DJs
Paul Van Dyk - International DJ and producer Paul van Dyk was voted "America's Favorite DJ" for 2004 by BPM Magazine and was the big winner at the 2004 Dancestar Awards, taking home 3 awards: Best International DJ, Best Event and Best Music in a Commercial (Motorola). He also won the Mexican Oscar for his soundtrack in the film Zurdo in March 2004. Plus he is a nice quiet guy in person.
05.17.05 - Flash/Music/Electronica/Trance/Dance Music/DJs
Tiesto - After winning almost every dance related award in 2002, a crown was put on his career by being voted the number 1 DJ in the world in DJ Magazine`s Top 100. He repeated this achievement for the third consecutive year in 2004.
05.16.05 - Music/Electronica/Trance/Breaks/Turntablism/HipHop/Dj/Dee jays/
The Dj List - boasts the largest, most comprehensive source of DJ information in the world. Providing visitors with the latest news from the electronic music scene, an official ranking of DJs throughout the world, and the DJ's biography, pictures, sound samples, top ten, upcoming events, CD's for sale, and website links.
05.15.05 - Business to Business/Computers/Software/Broadcast Automation
Sundance Digital Broadcast Automation - Sundance is dedicated to developing powerful, easy-to-use software to manage broadcast master control operations, such as TitanT and FastBreak NXT AutomationT, Intelli-SatT and our Digital Delivery Management System (DDMS). The Sundance product range has expanded into the digital newsroom with NewsLinkT, as well as SeekerT, an affordable solution for task and workflow management in the broadcast environment.
05.14.05 - Flash/Business to Business/Communications and Networking/Satellite/
CapRock Satellite Communications - CapRock delivers world-class communications to the world's harshest and most remote locations. CapRock's satellite based services enable our clients to communicate in real-time virtually anywhere in the world.
05.13.05 - Teen Depression/Health/Mental Health/Stress Management/Anger/Depression
VitaSync - At VitaSync you'll find unique vitamin and herbal supplements for your specific health concerns. Each formula is complete, so you don't need to purchase several different products. Each product is 100% guaranteed. No hype - just great products that work.
05.12.05 - Business to Business/Computers/Software/Business Applications/Document Management/
Docucorp - Docucorp is the authority in providing dynamic solutions for acquiring, managing, personalizing and presenting enterprise information - from bills, statements and forms to e-mail, transactions, customer correspondence and more.
05.11.05 - Advertising/Community/Networking/Websites
AdRANTS - Adrants provides marketing and advertising news and opinion with a continually updated website and daily email newsletter. Written by former industry practitioners, it provides insightful, informed, experiential, no holds barred commentary on the state of the advertising and media industries.
05.10.05 - Flash/Games/Console Games/Portable Games
Sony PlayStation Portable PSP - With eye-popping graphics, dazzling widescreen LCD, wireless connectivity and the ability to play games, music and movies when and where you want, the PSP gives you the freedom to enjoy entertainment on your terms.
05.09.05 - Flash/Games/Console Games/Computer Games
Electronic Entertainment Expo - The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), "Where Business Gets Fun," is the world's leading trade event exclusively dedicated to showcasing interactive entertainment and educational software and related products. E3 2005, kicks off at the Los Angeles Convention Center May 18 - 20. Conferences are held May 17 - 19 and the show floor is open May 18 - 20. .
05.08.05 - Flash/Games/Console Games/Microsoft/Xbox/Xbox360
xBox 360 - Totally cool flash website for the upcoming Microsfot Gaming System, really, it's a very cool website.
05.07.05 - Health/Nutrition/Diet/South Beach
Maxim Magazine - Maxim's Hot 100 enters its sixth year bigger and better than ever, with a cache of prime sponsors for the May 12th annual event, a new VH1 television special, and a tie-in appearing on NBC-TV's hit "Las Vegas" program.
05.06.05 - Health/Nutrition/Diet/South Beach
South Beach Diet - The South Beach DietT is not a traditional low-carb plan. Instead, you'll be encouraged to choose the right carbs, such as whole grains and certain fruits and vegetables; the right fats, such as olive and canola oil; and lean sources of protein.
05.05.05 - Actresses/Female/Soap Operas/Models
Kelly Monaco - KELLY MONACO Official Online Website she plays Samantha McCall : ABC General Hospital.
05.04.05 - Recreation/Outdoors/Scuba_Diving/Dive_Travel/Site_Guides_and_Information/Directories_and_Guides - Make Scuba Diving Reservations for dive shops and Scuba Diving Adventures all across the globe. has searched all over the world for the best locations, the best dive operators and the best deals..
05.03.05 - Fishing/New Orleans/Louisiana/
New Orleans Fishing - Fishing Resort Vacation at Bourgeois Fishing Charters in beautiful South Louisiana has fishing guides for: Spin Fishing, Fly Fishing, Crabbing, Fishing Swamp Tour, AirBoat Tour, Bayou Cruise, Bayou Kayaking for RedFish, Bayou Kayak Tours.
05.02.05 - Search Engine Optimization/Internet Advertising/Dallas/Texas
Fueled - Fueled Communications is a full-service Internet marketing and advertising, web design and development, intranet/extranet, web site strategy and planning and of course search engine optimization firm based in Dallas, Texas
05.01.05 - Advertising/Dallas/Texas/Advertising Agencies/Public Relations Firms/Business/Dallas/Texas
M/C/C - M/C/C is a full-service, integrated advertising agency and public relations firm based in Dallas, Texas. Specializing exclusively in technology marketing, we provide clients with a rare combination – expertise in advertising and public relations along with an in-depth knowledge of high-tech products and the people who buy them.
CoolWebsites lives! - Around Feb. of 2004 I was moving from the West Village in Uptown Dallas, Texas to a place named Addison, Texas. A great community with lots of restaurants just north of the Dallas city limits.
Soo... I wasn't updating the site, which i had done almost everyday since Labor Day 1996. I started posting a bunch of stuff and networking on this site Friendzy, which was okay for a while then it just became more of a hassle than anything close to productive or positive for that matter. In the meantime I started playing with a Blog, which is really what this site was anyways, except now when i find a cool site i just click on my Google Toolbar to blog the page since Google owns Blogger. So I haven't figured out how to push that data into this site but then again I haven't actually tried to figure it out either, it will just come to me one day soon or I will be keeping up with 3 blogs as i am now.

Then I got on a website called Friendster, which actually I was on around Feb. of 04 but that didn't have anything going compared to the Friendzy place so I moved.. anyways... Friendster came out with a Blogging feature the other day.. so I created a friendster blog.
Which brings us to today. We move to a new host and continue one of the oldest "blogs" on the internet. See this. The First Blog on the internet?


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