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May 2003 - The Matrix Reloaded - Matrix Screensaver - The Hulk Movie and Game - Mother's Day (the 11th), 2003 NBA Playoffs (Go MAVS!!), 2003 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs (Go STARS!!), Texas Rangers Baseball (Arlington) - Dallas Texas NightLife, Dallas Texas Shopping and Dallas Texas Dining
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Massinova is the coolest trance music stream on the planet.

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Dallas Stars - Dallas Mavericks - Dallas Cowboys - Texas Rangers
Dallas Mavericks NBA Playoff Tickets- Dallas Stars NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Tickets

  • 05.31.03 - Games/Racing/Sequel/RockStar/PS2/X-Box - Midnight Club II -another killer game from rockstar games played the first one in one night, (well friday to sunday morn).
  • 05.30.03 - Movies/Flash/Animation/Comedy/Disney - Finding Nemo - cool animated movie from disney about a fish.
  • 05.29.03 - Music/Rock/Heavy Metal/Flash/New Releases - Metallica - New album comes out very soon St. Anger.
  • 05.28.03 - Anime/Flash/Cartoons/Games/Television/Video - Yu -Gi - Oh! - Cool Flash website about an Anime phenomenon.
  • 05.27.03 - Movies/Flash/Cars/Street Racing - 2 fast 2 furious - sequel to the fast and furious, lots of hot cars, hot chicks and a mustang gets toasted by a semi.
  • 05.26.03 - Internet/World/Resources/Websites - World Web Portals - these ae hose cool websites for each country as selected by the Library of Congress.
  • 05.25.03 - Internet/Computers/Software/Open Source - Center for the Public Domain - The public domain is the cultural space in which we share information, creativity and ideas..
  • 05.24.03 - Sports/Racing/World/Formula One - Formula One - The canadian Grand Prix is coming up in Montreal, this site has up to date information
  • 05.23.03 - Reference/Government/Statistics/Global/World/Regional - NationMaster - Information on population, tons of statistics and you can compare countries economy and other cool stuff.
  • 05.22.03 - Personal/HomePages/Journeys/Stupid - You guys are stupid - Seriously that is the name of the site, look for your self.
  • 05.21.03 - Insurance/Dental Plans/Dentists/Dental Coverage - Dentalplans.com - Get Dental Insurance and access to over 100,000 Dentists for only $99/year!
  • 05.20.03 - Community/Organizations/Children/East Texas - CASA of East Texas - Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of East Texas, volunteers to advocate for the abused and neglected children of Smith, Wood and Van Zandt Counties.
  • 05.19.03 - Humor/Jokes/Blonde Jokes/One-Liners - The Jokester - tons o' jokes, blonde jokes, one-liners, e-mail jokes.
  • 05.18.03 - Music/Soundtracks/Matrix/Matrix Reloaded - The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack - new music from oakenfold, marylin manson, P.O.D. and Rob Zombie, Instrumental version of furious angels by Rob D as well.
  • 05.17.03 - buy Matrix stuff here.... Click for the Official Shop of The Matrix!
  • 05.16.03 - Countries/Culture/Flash/Games - Germanizer - not sure if they are from Germany, is Dirk Nowitzki of the Western Conference Champion Dallas Mavericks from Germany?
  • 05.15.03 - Movies/Action/Science Fiction/Cyberculture/special effects/technological revolution/Flash -Matrix Reloaded - more people will call in sick today than the last 2 Star Wars movies.
  • 05.14.03 - Flash/Movies/Marvel Comics/Superheros/TV Shows - The Hulk - The Movie - should be pretty cool now that we have digital animation and such.
  • 05/13/03 - Flash/Experiments/Source Files - Levitated - very cool flash website with source code and work file experiments for you to play with
  • 05/12/03 - Flash/Websites/Awards/Interactive Media/Advertising - One Show Interactive - this is falsely claimed the "advertising industry's most highly regarded interactive and new media award" , B.S.!! The advertising industry's most coveted award is the ADDY's by the American Advertising Federation and they are completely clueless about interactive, the most respected awards for websites and interactive are the Webby's and the WebAwards, knock off the B.S.and fake hype, Yahoo!!
  • 05/11/03 - Movies/Sequels/Action/The Matrix/Movie Trailers - The Matrix Reloaded Trailers - sneak a peak at movie trailers from the Matrix - Reloaded
  • 05/10/03 - Movies/Screensavers/Code/Blonde/Brunette/RedHead - The Matrix Screensaver - We've been trying to find a way to put this on everyone's desktop in the known universe just to freak out the people that decided to take the blue pill. Spread it around the office quietly and freak the boss out, or at least the cleaning people at night.
  • 05/09/03 - Flash/Movies/Sequels/Action/The Matrix/Beer - The Matrix Beer - ok, they have commercials for water and beer and who knows what else based on the matrix
  • 05/08/03 - Flash/Movies/Sequels/Action/The Matrix/Animation - AniMatrix - very cool cartoon versions of scenes and ideas based on the Matrix which you can actually see wednesday night.
  • 05.07.03 - Flash/Movies/Sequels/Action/Women/Television/Cartoons - Animated Angels - Charlie's Angels cartoons, nice flash, multiple formats good renderings
  • 05/06/03 - Food/Recipes/Breakfast/Flash - Mr. Breakfast - sometimes you get up early and are starving sometimes you aren't check out this site for cool ideas on breakfast recipes
  • 05.05.03 - ¡Viva México! ¡Viva Juárez! Viva el 5 de mayo!
  • 05.05.03 - Mother's Day/Flowers/Online/Shopping/Under $30 - FlowersFast - Flowers Under $30 - you better get something, mother's deserve flowers plus somehting else.. so this is the cheap way.
  • 05.04.03 - Mother's Day/Flowers/Online/Shopping/Same Day Delivery - Just Flowers - Same Day delivery on most arrangements.
  • 05.03.03 - Flash/Dallas/Fort Worth/Texas/Personal Injury/Attorneys/Lawyers - Dallas Texas Personal Injury Lawyer - Dallas, Texas personal injury lawyer and attorney David Pickett with offices in Dallas, Texas and Fort Worth Texas.
  • 05.02.03 - Holidays/Mother's Day/Gifts/Internet/Shopping/Online -1-800-Flowers.com - shop safe and secure for Mother's Day Flowers, Save up to $20 on Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts!
  • 05.01.03 - Money websites/Payday Loans/PAYDAY LOANS/pay day loans/cash advance/flash - Bad Credit Payday Loans - payday loans, payday loans, payday loans, cash advances and payday loans, click here for payday loans, yes, click here for PAYDAY LOANS

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