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I decided to add one site a day beginning Labor Day 1996.

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Cool Sites for March

3/1/97....New Domains?


3/3/97....Currency Xchange

3/4/97....You get more for your life at?

3/5/97....Just who are these guys in the funny suits.

3/6/97..Do you live on the EDGE ?

3/7/97....This is THE cool site!!

3/8/97...need updates?

3/9/97... MSNBC


3/11/97.. Top Secret recipes

3/12/97..Need shoes?

3/13/97..Dallas Rave Info


3/15/97..Web tips!!

3/16/97..Everything site

3/17/96.. Sorry couldn't resist, Jazz Saxman even cooler!

3/18/97... A very cool Game!!

3/19/97...Whatcha gonna do when the banks close down?

3/20/97... rock-n-roll!!

3/21/97...Famous Graves

3/22/97...AOL free disks!!! by the way, you are selling your address to somebody.

3/23/97...space... the final frontier...

3/24/97...This Bud's for you!!

3/25/97...Once again..with a whole new look!!

3/26/97...Brain Surgery?

3/27/97..Been injured? Need a Lawyer ?

3/28/97..Type heavensgate after this domain and see what all the fuss is about..

3/29/97..The weekend..hmmm.. let's Surf!!

3/30/97..It must be Renaisance fair time.

3/31/97..Children's Museum

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