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March 2003 - French Military Victories - ? War with Iraq, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Spring Break - Dallas Texas NightLife, Dallas Texas Shopping and Dallas Texas Dining - Where to party and what to do in the DFW Metroplex,
(Dallas, Texas - Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding cities) ,
Where to party and what to do in Dallas, Texas...  Dallas Texas Cool Websites.

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French Military Victories?

War Info - United States +30(38) vs. Iraq(France +3) [@Iraq, 03.20.03 - 6:15am Iraqi Time]

  • 03.31.03 - Terrorism/Government/Parodies/Internet - Terror Ready - Ready for terrorists? check out this parody of Ready.gov
  • 03.30.03 - Sports/College/Basketball/Final Four/Texas - MSNBC - Hook 'Em,
  • 03.29.03 - World/Iraq/Syria/War/Borders/Information - Visit Syria - Distance between the Syrian Cities, Syrian National Holidays there are no "useful links", so here are some good ones..
  • 03.28.03 - World/Middle East/War/Borders/Syria - Syria Tourism, Syria - Ministry of Information - it looks better in arabic, nice work., Syria GPS Coordinates.
  • 03.27.03 - Dallas/Fort Worth/Nascar/Winston Cup/Busch Grand National/Racing/Flash Texas Motor Speedway - DFW Nascar Racing, cool flash website.
  • 03.26.03 - ????
  • 03.25.03 - Iraq/People/Audio/Citizens - Radio call in from an Iraqi citizen - normally don't link to MP3's but this one fits. Most of the websites that show you what really goes on I can't link to because they aren't kid/teen safe.
  • 03.25.03 - United Nations/Security Council/Global Policy/Resolutions/Iraq/Middle East - U.N. Resolution 1441 - web coverage by mideastweb, with good hyperlinks to past U.N. resolutions in the mideast, good info.
  • 03.25.03 - United Nations/Security Council/Global Policy/Resolutions - U.N. Security Council Resolution 1441 - what exactly is the U.N. resolution 1441, I thought it was about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), but it is specifically about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
  • 03.25.03 - Internet/Web/Search Engines - Google Viewer - very cool way to view websites, i wonder if it strips pop-up ads?
  • 03.25.03 - Internet/Web/Shopping and Commerce/Beta - Froogle -beta - Go shopping online with Google, it's Froogle!!
  • 03.25.03 - Internet/Web/Search Engines/Hackers - Google - Hacker version - Google has shwon to be the supreme search engine utility for fonding information on the internet, even hackers like it.
  • 03.24.03 - War/United Nations/Disarmament - Iraq heads disarmament meeting - A new definition of irony. Actually they are not but this is funny.
  • 03.24.03 - War/Human Rights/Rules of War/Geneva Convention - Geneva Convention Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. Geneva, 12 August 1949.
  • 03.24.03 - War/Terrorism/Media/Television - Al Jazeera Television - Middle East based television station, puppet of the terrorists. oh, and I had absolutely nothing to do with this site crashing.. nor does Iraq have any chemical weapons.
  • 03.24.03 - War/Terrorism/Rewards - Rewards for Terrorism - get up to 5 million in currency for assisting in the apprehension of terrorists.
  • 03.23.03 - War/Terrorism/Homeland Security/United States/ - Ready.Gov - U.S. office of homeland security readiness website.
  • 03.22.03 - War/Military/United States/Maps - Iraq invasion maps - maps of the invasion of Iraq
  • 03.22.03 - War/Military/United States/Deployment - U.S. Military Deployment - nice diagrams of where U.S. troops are deployed.
  • 03.22.03 - War/Military/United States - U.S. Central Command - Central Command website.
  • 03.21.03 - War/Iraq/Current Status - CNN War Tracker - CNN's current war info.
  • 03.21.03 - War/Iraq/Military/Information - Iraq Military Forces - CNN's info on what we would have been fighting if they didn't kill saddam first.
  • 03.21.03 - World/Countries/Iraq/War/Guides - Iraq Military Guide - More information in case you are lost while at war.
  • 03.21.03 - War/Countries/Iraq/Assassinations - Assassination List - here it is, the shopping list for special ops... go get 'em boys..
  • 03.21.03 - War/World/Countries/Government/France/Presidency - E-mail the President of France - since most rednecks don't have computers.. this may be ok.. (*snicker).
  • 03.21.03 - News/Humor/Military/Cartoons/Anime/Toys - Transformers War on Iraq - The leader of the AutoBots is going to bomb saddam and help the French to a military victory.
  • 03.21.03 - Flash/Humor/Political Humor/Iraq/War/Saddam - Time to Bomb Saddam - very silly flash movie.
  • 03.20.03 - Regional/Countries/France/Government/Military/ - French Military - French Military History (humor)
  • 03.20.03 - Television/News/War/Iraq/Networks - Fox News - pretty much stayed up all night and watched/recorded this channel all night long and into today.
  • 03.20.03 - Maps/War/Iraq/Battle Information - CNN Iraq War Special - excellent info, satellite maps, targeting information
  • 03.20.03 -Images/Satellite/War/Iraq/Flash - Newsweek Satellite Images of Iraq - Flash interactive maps of satellite images of Iraq and where the bombs will hit. Check out the Al Rashid Hotel.. think we are gonna tear that floor up?
  • 03.19.03 - News/Flash/War/Bombing Runs/Iraq/Buh-bye/Saddam Dies Soon - Iraq Bomb Targets - cool flash bombing target summary courtesy of MSNBC.com
  • 03.19.03 - United States/Government/Homeland Security - Dept. of Homeland Security find out information on emergencies and Operation Linerty Shield.
  • 03.19.03 - World/Government/United Nations/Iraq/News - United Nations website - News updates direct for the United Nations (U.N.), website.
  • 03.19.03 - World/Peace/Iraq/Citizenry/Foundations - Iraq Foundation - Foundation to help out the Iraqi people has information for war protesters.
  • 03.19.03 - World/War/Maps/Iraq - Maps of Iraq - More Maps of Iraq.
  • 03.19.03 - World/War/Terrorists/Government/Law Enforcement/Federal - Federal Bureau of Investigation's Ten Most Wanted - Terrorist pictures and infromation comprise most of the top 10.
  • 03.19.03 - World/Goverment/War/Irag/United States/Information - United States Dept. of Defense - D.O.D.'s DefenseLink info on Iraq, seems to be missing a bunch of stuff which is good.
  • 03.19.03 - World/Iraq/Magazine Websites/National Geographic/Maps - National Geographic Maps of Iraq - Maps, Statistical Info and Education School Lesson Plans about Iraq.
  • 03.19.03 - World/Government/Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)/Iraq Statistical Information - CIA WORLD FACTBOOK - IRAQ - CIA info on Iraq, last updated February 13th, 2003. Official Statistical Information and Demographics.
  • 03.19.03 - Books/Conspiricy/Information/Defense/Anarchy - Anarchist's Cookbook - Don't have this yet? You should buy it, just in case, just in case you need to know what the world has available to it's knowledge base, information is power in times of war, know thy enemy better then thine own self, and know what to look for, just in case..
    Caution: most likely your ip address, name, shipping address, time, location, etc. is or will be in the hands of our government. :)
  • 03.19.03 - Internet/Domains/World/Countries/Iraq - .IQ domain - Iraq TLD? - Domain Info on the server for the .IQ domain, aren't we about to be at WAR? FREE BEER!! Hint: this is a good news story

  • 03.18.03 - Medical/Online Pharmacies/Flash/Shopping/Prescription Drugs - ePrescribe - Very cool flash website for an online pharmacy that you can shop online for prescription drugs.
  • 03.17.03 - Holidays/Irish/St. Patrick's Day/Ireland/Festivals - St. Patrick's Day - St. Patrick's Day Festival 2003 in Ireland.
  • 03.16.03 - Texas/Criminal/Automobiles - Texas DWI - please check this site out before you consume too much green beer and drive
  • 03.15.03 - Holidays/March/Irish/St. Patrick's Day - St. Patrick's Day - check out some of the info AOL has posted concenring St. Patty's Day
  • 03.13.03 - French/Military/Victories/French Military Victories - French Military Victories
  • 03.14.03 - Flash/Family/Web Projects/History - Treasure Jar - random collections, very neat idea for a family web project.
  • 03.12.03 - Sports/Extreme?/Skateboarding/Professionals/Flash - Taig Khris - very cool flash website by 2advanced, need I say more?
  • 03.11.03 - Science Fiction/Books/Literature/Movies/Television/Flash - Children of Dune - TV miniseries on SCIFI channel based on Frank Herbert's DUNE series
  • 03.10.03 - Motorcycles/HarleyDavidson/Parts/Clothing/Trailers/Used Motorcycles - www.usedharley-davidson.com - Cool site with used harley davidson motorcycles, motorcycle wear, motorcycle parts and motorcycle trailers.
  • 03.09.03 - Art/France/Exhibitions/Texas/Fort Worth/Kimball Museum/Flash - Who is Modi - not sure but is this the same person that is in that Book of Love song?
  • 03.08.03 - GPO/Purchasing/Healthcare/Municipalities Purchasing/Educational Purchasing/Cost Savings - FirstChoice - Savings on healthcare supplies, electricity, and more for cities, counties, hospitals and healthcare organizations
  • 03.07.03 - Computers/Internet/Remote Access/Work from Home - GOTOmyPC - Access Your PC from Anywhere - Free Download , PC Magazine calls GoToMyPC "Revolutionary."
  • Food Link/Irish Foods from Central Market
  • 03.06.03 - DFW Metroplex/Dallas/Fort Worth/Executive Transportation/Limo/Limousines - Dallas limo service - Weddings, Airport Transportation, Responsible partying, use a limo, no DWI or car wrecks and if your date pukes they clean it up.
  • 03.05.03 - Mardi Gras/Alcohol/Drink Mixes/Recipes/Party Fun/Fat Tuesday/Flash/Games - Fat Tuesday - New Orleans Daquiris, company has cool flash website with games, recipes and location information.
  • 03.04.03 - Mardi Gras/New Orleans/Events - Mardi Gras, New Orleans - actually the best factual information I have found concerning the festival.
  • 03.03.03 - Dallas/Texas/Uptown/Running and Fitness/Events - Uptown Run - Uptown Run & Trolley Walk benfitting Special Olympics , come join the fun!
  • 03.02.03 - Dallas/Texas/Uptown/Shopping/Entertainment/Nightlife/Places to live/flash - Uptown Dallas - cool maps, cool info about great area in dallas.
  • 03.01.03 - Payday Loans/PAYDAY LOANS/pay day loans/cash advance/flash - Bad Credit Payday Loans - payday loans, payday loans, payday loans, cash advances and payday loans, click here for payday loans, this isn't like a sponsor or anything but the guy was buying drinks..

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