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June 2005 - Dallas Restaurants
06.30.05 - Dallas/Texas/Downtown Dallas/Asian Fusion/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Fuse - Most of the restaurant's seating is outdoors, awesome TexAsian fusion dining, (aroo?), downtown across from the neiman marcus building.
06.29.05 - Flash/Dallas/Texas/Sushi/Vietnamese/Uptown Dallas/Restaurants/Food and Drink/Nightclubs
The Draelion and Drae Lounge - Cool Flash site for this Sushi Fusion Restaurant, (wonder if oakenfold knows his music is on their site), also the home of the Dallas Hot Spot the Drae Lounge.
06.28.05 - Flash/Dallas/Texas/Steak houses/Downtown Dallas/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Dakota's Steakhouse -Dakota's was established in 1984 and has been a downtown Dallas dining icon for over 20 years. Dakota's unique underground location has an interesting story behind it. It is located one level below street level on a section of real estate that was once occupied by the First Dallas Baptist church.
06.27.05 - Dallas/Texas/Entertainment/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Cool River - The ultimate dining experience is extended to accommodate private parties, banquets, special celebrations and business meetings. Each of their locations delivers a memorable experience with excellent food and quality service in an upscale atmosphere. Apparently their Thursday night dance club scene is one of the best in Dallas.
06.26.05 - Flash/Dallas/Texas/Steak/Seafood/Uptown Dallas/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Al Biernat's - Al Biernat's offers American Cuisine, excellent steaks and seafood from this Uptown/Oak Lawn location. Their extenisve wine list and private room available for up to 35 people makes this a excellent place for corporate dining.
06.25.05 - Dallas/Texas/Uptown Dallas/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
2900 - The intimate dining room features a large glass window behind which diners can watch executive chef Mike Smith prepare Menu items include internationally inspired beef, game, seafood and eclectic specialties.
06.24.05 - Internet/Online/Social Networking/Websites/Personal Webpages

MySpace - Another Online networking Community, horrible HTML done by people with no clue, but lot's of people that now have their own webpage.
06.23.05 - Dallas/Texas/Bakerys/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
la Madeleine - la Madeleine's bistro menu tempts dinner guests with hearty entres such as Herb-Crusted Pork Tenderloin and Beef Tenders en Merlot, or other choices like Chicken Mushroom Pasta or Shrimp Cassolette. oh, and the bakery rocks!
06.22.05 - Dallas/Texas/American/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Good Eats - Founded in 1986 by Gene Street, this casual Texas chain is renowned for grilled steak, fish, chicken and award-winning chicken-fried steak. Good Eats has restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and in the Houston area.
06.21.05 - Dallas/Texas/Salvadorian/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Gloria's - Gloria's Restaurant has 6 locations in the Dallas Metroplex, each offering excellent margarita's. Salsa Dancing and Latin music entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights.
06.20.05 - Dallas/Texas/Mongolian Bar B Que/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Genghis Grill - Genghis Grill is a "Mongolian Barbecue" where you create your own stir fry. Like your Mongol heroes, you select fresh meat, bird or fish and add your choice of vegetables, spices, oils and sauces then let their Grill Masters cook it to perfection.
06.19.05 - Dallas/Texas/Restaurants/Bars/Taverns and Pubs/Food and Drink/
The Flying Saucer - Flying Saucer has an extensive menu of draft and bottled beers, plus an impressive collection of flea market vintage dinnerware displayed on its walls. Live music is found on weekend nights. The food menu has a German flair with beer cheese soup, a build-your-own sausage and cheese plate, sausage quesadillas and bratwurst.
06.18.05 - Dallas/Texas/Brazilian/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Fogo De Chao - Fogo de Cho (fo-go de shoun), a dining experience like no other. It's like a buffet on steriods, people just bring different grilled meats to your table until you tell them to stop.
06.17.05 - Dallas/Texas/Mexican/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
El Fenix - Dallas, Texas is the city where El Fenix founder, Miguel Martinez, opened his first restaurant in 1918 when the only Cowboys, Mavericks, and Rangers in town wore chaps, boots and spurs.
06.16.05 - Dallas/Texas/Steak Houses/Seafood/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Chamberlain's Fish Market and Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House. - Shortly after opening, Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House was named one of the countries top new restaurants of 1993 by Bon Appetite magazine. The restaurant's first local review was by the Dallas Morning News, which proclaimed them a "Four Star Steak House and was re-reviewed in October 2002 with the same four star status. This is in addition to being rated a "Four Star Steakhouse" by The Dallas Observer.
06.15.05 - Dallas/Texas/Southwestern/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Blue Mesa Grill - Blue Mesa Grill serves Southwestern cuisine for lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch and catering. Locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Don't miss Tequila Tuesdays.
06.14.05 - Dallas/Texas/Steakhouses/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Bob's Steak and Chop House - Bob's Steak & Chop House is ranked as one of the top steakhouses in the country for a reason. 4300 Lemmon Avenue - Dallas, Texas 75219
06.13.05 - Online/Games/Virutal Economy/Online Trading
- Play Miniconomy ][ The online trade game.
06.12.05 - Flash/Games/Automobiles/Driver Instruction
Acura RSX Institute - Discover the unparalleled performance of the 2006 RSX, test your parking skills, create a test track, and take an RSX for a virtual spin..
06.11.05 - Dallas/Texas/Night Clubs/Dance Clubs/Deep Ellum/
Club ONE - Club ONE entered the Dance Club arena in 1991 at a time when the music and not so much the talent behind the music was important to the Dance Music scene. As one of the few surviving nightclubs in Dallas, Club ONE changed ownership in the fall of 2004. The new owners, knowing that the dance scene had become more about the talent and the music, chose to refresh, refurbish and improve on Club ONE's long standing tradition rather than attempting to create a new ONE. "Not gONE but re-dONE!!!" has been our theme.
06.10.05 - Business_to_Business/Financial_Services/Investment_Services/Consulting/Back Office Accounting
LAMP Technologies - LAMP Technologies provides backoffice accounting services for the alternative investments industry and in particular for fund-of-funds (FOF), and managed futures including commodity trading advisors (CTA) and commodity pool operators (CPO). LAMP provides backoffice software and backoffice outsourcing services such as fund accounting, fund of funds administration, investment partnership accounting and partnership allocation.
06.09.05 - Maps/Mobile/PDA/iPod/Public Transportation/Subways
iPod Subway Maps - Putting subway maps on your iPod isn't all that difficult. First you'll need an iPod Photo. If you can't find the iPod photo on the Apple website, it's because all iPods (not counting the iPod Mini and Shuffle) are color versions which come with photo support.
06.08.05 - Dallas/Texas/West End/Seafood/Steakhouses/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Newport's in the West End - Newport's Seafood was the West End Historic District's first upscale restaurant, opening in 1983. The concept is simple. We purchase our fresh fish from brokers on all coasts every single day; we prepare it with simple elegance and serve it with sincerity, honesty and pride.
06.07.05 - Dallas/Texas/Steakhouses/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Texas Land and Cattle - Try our Signature Smoked Sirloin, thick, hand-cut slices of pepper-smoked aged choice sirloin, slow cooked to perfection for authentic Texas flavor. Add a Trail Boss Margarita, some Texas Onion Strings and a huge baked sweet potato to complete a true Texas meal.
06.06.05 - Dallas/Texas/Addison/Steakhouses/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Del Frisco's Steakhouse - The cornerstone of Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House cuisine is USDA Prime Beef and Australian Cold Water Lobster Tail. We also offer fresh seafood, outstanding appetizers; fresh vegetables served family-style and our own specialty desserts. If fine wine is your pleasure our Sommelier will assist you in a selection from our extensive collection.
06.05.05 - Dallas/Texas/Addison/Entertainment/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Pete's Dueling Piano Bar - Pete's Dueling Piano Bar was becoming so popular in Austin that the obvious thing to do was to share the excitement with some other folks. So we sprouted one up in Addison, TX, a suburb of the lively city of Dallas. Since opening, Dallas officials have been getting reports of citizens singing loud and proud throughout town.
06.04.05 - Dallas/Texas/Uptown/Steakhouses/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Perry's Restaurant - Perry's Restaurant features prime hand-cut steaks, fresh seafood, exceptional service and a warm, elegant atmosphere.
06.03.05 - Dallas/Texas/Advertising/Magazines/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Dining Out Online - DiningOut welcomes you to give your thoughts on our site or our magazines, relate great restaurant experiences - and tales of culinary horror.
06.02.05 - Search Engine Optimization/Internet Advertising/Dallas/Texas
Fueled - Fueled Communications is a full-service Internet marketing and advertising, web design and development, intranet/extranet, web site strategy and planning and of course search engine optimization firm based in Dallas, Texas.
06.01.05 - Dallas/Texas/Uptown/Steakhouses/Restaurants/Food and Drink/
Abacus - At Abacus, you will enjoy Five Star cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere, a new trend in upscale dining. Enjoy flavorful dishes prepared by Chef Rathbun and his talented team. He and his staff go the distance to ensure personalized service and a dining experience beyond your expectations.
CoolWebsites lives! - Around Feb. of 2004 I was moving from the West Village in Uptown Dallas, Texas to a place named Addison, Texas. A great community with lots of restaurants just north of the Dallas city limits.
Soo... I wasn't updating the site, which i had done almost everyday since Labor Day 1996. I started posting a bunch of stuff and networking on this site Friendzy, which was okay for a while then it just became more of a hassle than anything close to productive or positive for that matter. In the meantime I started playing with a Blog, which is really what this site was anyways, except now when i find a cool site i just click on my Google Toolbar to blog the page since Google owns Blogger. So I haven't figured out how to push that data into this site but then again I haven't actually tried to figure it out either, it will just come to me one day soon or I will be keeping up with 3 blogs as i am now.

Then I got on a website called Friendster, which actually I was on around Feb. of 04 but that didn't have anything going compared to the Friendzy place so I moved.. anyways... Friendster came out with a Blogging feature the other day.. so I created a friendster blog.
Which brings us to today. We move to a new host and continue one of the oldest "blogs" on the internet. See this. The First Blog on the internet?

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