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July 2003 - July 4th, Independance Day, Restaurants in West Village, Dallas, Texas Business Websites,, DFW Metroplex..- Dallas Texas NightLife, Dallas Texas Shopping and Dallas Texas Dining
Where to party and what to do in the DFW Metroplex,(Dallas, Texas - Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding cities) ,
Where to shop and what to eat in Uptown Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas... Dallas Texas Cool Websites.

What makes a Cool Web Site listing? Simply put, coolness of some kind. Cool Web Design, Cool content,Cool music use, Cool usefulness, Cool weirdness, Cool Dallas Texas, Fort Worth or DFW Metroplex Websites , Cool Flash Examples, Cool Music, Cool Shopping, Cool Recipes, Cool Food, Cool Events Really good trance or the use of Trance Music or any music used skilfully and not country/western or rap/hip hop, just something, that... makes you want look at the entire cool web site.

Caution: Some cool websites require flash and shockwave plug-ins or may take some time to download.

Cool Dallas Texas Web Sites, Cool Dallas Texas Dance Music, Cool Trance Music links, Cool Dallas Texas Websites, Cool DFW Food Recipe Websites.
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  • 07.31.03 - Flash/Design/Music/Snowboards - One Track Snowboards - One Track snowboards website, nice flash work, good music work.

  • 07.30.03 - Trance Music/Dance Music/Audio Streams/Global Djs -Digitally Imported - check out the DJ Mix sets, very very cool dance, trance, euro dance, music.
  • 07.29.03 - Internet/Personal/Websites/Diaries/Humor - The Plug - very interesting website, I enjoyed much of the humor, check it out..
  • 07.28.03 - Races/Mammals?/Movies/Creatures - Umpa Lumpa - yup, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, these is the website for the short singing fellows.
  • 07.27.03 - Flash/Designers/Professionals/Web Design - 2Advanced - ok, If you are a website designer and ever think of e-mailing and saying, "Hey I have a Cool Web Site", or "We build Cool Web Sites, please feature this..", if you can match this then please send me e-mails like that. Otherwise this is the PINNACLE of website design in the 7 year history of cool websites.
  • 07.26.03 - Internet/Personals/Dating/Affiliates/Webmasters - - got a website, build your link here, good profits..
  • 07.25.03 - Crime/Databases/Missing Persons/Missing Children - Crime Web - Dallas, Texas Company doing some good for the Missing children and other crime information.
  • 07.24.03 - Colorado/Hotels/Spas/Resorts/Scene of the Crime? - The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera - the scene of Kobe Bryant's adultery... was it rape?
  • 07.23.03 - Basketball/Scandal/Crime/Trial by publicity - Kobe Bryant - did he or didn't he do it? Public disclosure of the accuser?
  • 07.22.03 - Flash/Online Games/Free - Real One Arcade - Free online flash games from the people that brought you Real Player
  • 07.21.03 - Flash/Music/Dance Music/Trance/Artists - BT Music - check out info on BT's new album Emotional Technology
  • 07.20.03 - Music/MP3s/Downloads/Dance Music/Trance/Samples - Brian Transeau - MP3 samples from BT's new album Emotional Technology
  • 07.19.03 - Flash/Dance Music/DJs/Trance/Message Boards - BT Network - Message Board with information about great DJ Brian Transeau (BT)
  • 07.18.03 - Flash/Radio/Stations/Dance Music/Los Angeles - 103.1 KDL - Los Angels Dance Music sister radio station to the kickin DFW Dance Music Station 106.7 KDL.
  • 07.17.03 - Weapons of Mass Destruction/Evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction/National Security/ - More Weapons of Mass destruction - Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction, National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book #80.
  • 07.16.03 - Flash/Music/Dance/Trance/Djs/Dallas/Texas/Clubs - Paul Oakenfold - world class DJ Paul Oakenfold playing at Dallas dance club, Red Jacket, tomorrow night, check out some of the nice music downloads from the website.
  • 07.15.03 - Flash/Music/Dance/Djs - Power Tools Mix Show - Richard Humpty Vission website, win 2 autogrpahed Technics 1200s.(Thanks, Hector)
  • 07.14.03 - Flash/Games/Movies/Legends - Pirates of the Carribean - Very cool Flash site with gamesa short and long, search the site for golden skulls.
  • 07.13.03 - Weapons of Mass Destruction/Information/Evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction - Weapons of Mass Destruction - click on the links above.
  • 07.12.03 - Flash/Games/Mystery/Sports/Basketball/Athletic Shoes/RBK - RBK Whodunit! - follow the website interaction from a Television commercial to discover who has great basketball moves.
  • 07.11.03 - Flash/Seminars/Contests/Awards - Flash Forward NYC 2003 - Flash Forward NYC 2003, one of the definitive contests, seminars, think tanks in the Flash industry.
  • 07.10.03 - Flash/Designers/Web Design/Development/U.K. - Matinee Sound and Vision - I have probably listed these people at least 3 times in the history of Cool Websites, and as you know, I don't mind posting developers sites, but they better be GREAT, this one is.
  • 07.09.03 - Telecommunications/Towers/Construction/Cellular Towers/Dallas/Texas - Diverse Construction - Diverse Construction, Inc. is a full service
    telecommunications general contractor providing all phases of cellular tower construction.
  • 07.08.03 - Sun/Ski/Skin Protection/UV Rays - Himaya - Very cool snowboard picture on the front of this website, neat menu options and lots of detailed info about skin stuff, good for summer or winter.
  • 07.07.03 - Internet/Flash/Designers/Developers - Teknision - every now and then a flash developert comes along that far outpaces all the others, here is another.
  • 07.06.03 - Flash/Movies/Martial Arts/Stick Figures - Xiao Xiao Movie - Totally killer martial arts stick figure flash movies, when I used to draw the motorcycle flip books never thought of these layouts.
  • 07.05.03 - Teleconferencing/Conference Phones/Video Conference/Equipment - Polycom Conference Phones - Teleconferencing Industry standard for multi-point video conferencing systems and conference telephones.
  • 07.04.03 - Java/Fourth of July/Fireworks/Pyromaniacs - Statue of Liberty Fireworks - yes it's mindless but can save you hours of outside time watching fireworks in Dallas, Texas
  • 07.03.03 - Sports/Tennis/Tournaments/Wimbeldon - Wimbeldon 2003 - One of the top tennis tournaments in the world, very cool updated coverage.
  • 07.02.03 - Food/Restaurants/Dallas/Texas/Discounts/Fine Dining - iDine - Get Discounts on Fine Dallas, Texas Restaurants like Nikita in West Village.
  • 07.01.03 - Flash/Games/Online/Multiplayer/Sony Online Entertainment/Star Wars - Star Wars Galaxies - Star Wars Galaxies brought to you by the people that make EverQuest, basically like EverQuest but Star Wars themed.

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