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The 6th Year of this Cool Site stuff! CoolWebsites.Org
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What makes a Cool Web Site listing? Simply put, coolness of some kind. Cool Web Design, Cool content,Cool music use, Cool usefulness, Cool weirdness, Cool Flash Examples, Cool Music, Cool Shopping, Cool Recipes, Cool Food, Cool Events Really good trance or the use of Trance Music or any music used skillfully and not country/western or rap/hip hop, just something, that... makes you want look at the entire cool web site.

Caution: Some cool websites require plug-ins or may take some time to download. I have Ballistic DSL

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February 2002 - - Valentine's Day and assorted other stuff.

Best viewed with...
Massinova is the coolest
music stream on the internet. Trance Music at it's best, streaming
random Trance music.

  • 2.28.2002 - Web/Creative/Art/Communication - Dymo - you know, the tape that you could press your name into by turning the little white dial for the letter then squeezing some type of plastic handle type thing.
    (can you think of what to call it?)
  • 2.27.2002 - Music/Artists/Dance/Electronica - Orbital - the best music on the planet with cool flash intro and music.
  • 2.26.2002 - Roleplaying/Games/Everquest/Guilds - Fallen Wolves - Why am I behind, because I am addicted.
  • 2.25.2002 - Flash/Music/Dance/Remixes - Massive Attack - you have heard their music in many movies.
  • 2.24.2002 - Flash/History/Art/Surf - Fuji - look in the lower left hand corner of your screen and read fast.
  • 2.23.2002 - Flash/Games/Action/Adventure/Play Station - Drakan: The Ancient's Gates - Very cool action type hack and slash game, cool flash work.
  • 2.22.2002 - Clothing/Mens/Flash - Austin Taylor - nice clothes, very cool flash web site.
  • 2.21.2002 - Internet/Search Engines/Games/ - Google Whacking - the lastest geek craze, spend hours doing absolutely nothing other than typing in two words to come up with one result.
    (approx. paisley time: 2.5mins. paisley's google whack)
  • 2.20.2002 - Movies/Vampires/Anne Rice/Cast - Queen of the Damned -cast - check out insight in the cast of the upcoming movie, dedicated to alliyah
  • 2.19.2002 - Movies/Trailers/Vampires/Anne Rice/Flash - The Vampire Lestat - He's a rock star, of course he would have a website.
  • 2.18.2002 - Movies/Trailers/Vampires/Anne Rice/Flash - Queen of the damned - Very Cool Flash, good music, and great subject matter.
  • 2.17.2002 - Music/Artists/Composers/Electronic/Trance - Blank and Jones - The Trance Energy Special is now up at Look there for B&Jís official playlist from Saturdayís bash, and some nice pictures too!
  • 2.16.2002 - Flash/Instructions/Tutorials - Flash Thief - Very Cool flash oriented site, lots of tutorials and some cool sample sites.
  • 2.15.2002 - Music/Trance/Euro/Streams - Digitally Imported - I still miss Massinova, but this is really good music and tight mixing. I will still leave the Massinova banner up above in the positive hopes that it will come back.
  • 2.14.2002 - Flash/Art/Medieval/Painting - Bosch Universe - Celebrated Medieval artist, you will see a lot of recognizable works.
  • 2.13.2002 - Irrigation/Service/Landscaping/Drainage - Southern Irrigation - Provides lawn sprinkler installations, repair service, hydromulched lawns, drainage systems, and light dirt work for lawn preparation, and serve both the residential and commercial markets as well as athletic fields and community parks.
  • 2.12.2002 - Recreation/Aquatics/Boating - MariSafe - Research and compare products, learn how to properly use and organize your boat's gear, review charts, access weather information and more.
  • 2.11.2002 - Movies/Sequels/Screensavers/Flash/Desktop Wallpaper - Blade 2 - Vampires, Weapons, loud fast music, martial arts.. thr first movie was excellent, this looks even better.
  • 2.10.2002 - Movies/Trailers/Drama - Insomnia - Ok, Al Pacino as the cop, (seen this, it's always good), but Robin Williams as a demented serial killer? It's about time, cant wait for this to come out.
  • 2.9.2002 - Movies/Flash/Sequel/Trailers - Men in Black 2 - Looks like it will be funny from the trailer, very cool flash site.
  • 2.8.2002 - Toys/Programming/Inventors - Serious Lego - kind of hard to claasify this one, but takes LEGO to a whole new level.
  • 2.7.2002 - Movies/Flash/Games - RollerBall - Very cool Flash, should be a good movie, try to play but read the instructions.
  • 2.6.2002 - Financial/Government/Taxes - Internal Revenue Service - Tax information, Get ya tax information here!
  • 2.5.2002 - Internet/Flash/Web Design - 2Advanced - you know the rule about developers, they better be damn good.
  • 2.4.2002 - World/Photography/Flash - Tuning the World - Excellent photography worldwide, most excellent use of flash in the marconi game.
  • 2.3.2002 - Environment/Expeditions/Documentaries/Photography - One World Journeys - One World Journeys takes you on a trek to witness climate change through the camera lens, click on the mercury rising feature.
  • 2.2.2002 - Holidays/Parties/Celebrations/Louisiana/New Orleans - Mardi Gras - parade schedules, hotel information and online bead store.
  • 2.1.2002 - Flash/Film/Shorts - I Want my Flash TV. - Very cool Flash film shorts, a must see!
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