Here is a List of Cool sites, a journey I believe I may dread in the near future.
I have decided to add one site a day, beginning September 1st, 1996.
Labor Day, hmm, maybe that is a bad omen??..........
It is now October, one month down how many to go?.....
Well Halloween has come and gone, and now we march into Thanksgiving .
...Ok, the turkey was great..let's start looking for Santa.

Would you like to see the first month of Paisley's cool sites?

How about the month of October?

Want to look at turkey month?

Cool Sites for December

12/1/96..What is this virus stuff?

12/2/96..Here they come again, those pesky Martians!!!


12/4/96..Need Help?


12/6/96..Are you a Happy Puppy

12/7/96..Car shopping?

12/8/96..Entertainment! Online?

12/9/96..Bill Nye the Science Guy..

12/10/96..what is coolstuff?

Cool computer shopping sites

12/12/96..The Connection




Ok enuff of the shopping sites for now, oops one last one.

12/16/96..What do you need?

12/17/96..Radio. live from England...


12/19/96..Junk E-Mail? what did you expect for free?

12/20/96..more free E-mail, and this one is HoT!!

12/21/96..hmmm lots of E-mail links lately

12/22/96..Forward your mail across the net..

12/23/96..Look out it's attack of the free stuff..

12/24/96.In Pittsburgh? stop here first. Get some Java!

12/25/96..Merry Christmas...


12/27/96..Are you Secure?

12/28/96...This is one Cool site!

12/29/96..Can you guess where I am at? Pittsburgh


12/31/96..The Name for next year!

Come visit If you dare!!!

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