I decided to find a site everyday that has some reason to use bandwidth beginning Labor Day 1996..

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Welcome to the 2nd Year of this Cool Site stuff!

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makes you look at the entire site.

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    4/1/98...Fish heads, fish heads, Roly Poly Fish Heads
    Pretty Obscure but see if you can get it.

    4/2/98...Hollywood insider

    4/3/98...Latte' in New Orleans

    4/4/98......Goblins ...Hmmm

    4/5/98....Well, it is Spring Break

    4/6/98....Gone but not forgotten

    4/7/98....This came in the mail with my copy of GQ.

    4/8/98..Really showing my age, but great Kids site.

    4/9/98...The Food Site!!

    4/10/98..Need Maps for Quake?

    4/11/98...Muzic Non stop

    4/12/98... Easter

    4/13/98...Do you have a New House?

    4/14/98...Bizarre recipes

    4/15/98... c 0 0 k i e c e n t r a l

    4/16/98... Fortune500

    4/17/98...Almonds , what to do with them and what benenfits they provide.

    4/18/98....Test your net savvy.

    4/19/98....Candy and Games, what more could you want?

    4/20/98...Retro? ,You decide.

    4/21/98....Jammin TV , music news on the spot.

    4/22/98...Mixing Online

    4/23/98...The c00l school.

    4/24/98...Not charlie's it's the CyberAngels , security for the Net.

    4/25/98...Food, Glorious Food, and how to Cook it!!

    4/26/98...Still one of my favorite jobs...

    4/27/98....Hard rock Cafe

    4/28/98...To think that i threw them all away...

    4/29/98...A Company on the Edge

    4/30/98...Win Prizes all over the world.

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