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April 2003 - April Fool's - French Military Victories - ? (con't), War with Iraq (con't), Mike's Birthday, Dad's Birthday, Spring Break, Texas Rangers Baseball (Arlington) - Dallas Texas NightLife, Dallas Texas Shopping and Dallas Texas Dining
Where to party and what to do in the DFW Metroplex,(Dallas, Texas - Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding cities) ,
Where to shop and what to eat in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas... Dallas Texas Cool Websites.

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Dallas Stars - Dallas Mavericks - Dallas Cowboys - Texas Rangers
Dallas Mavericks NBA Playoff Tickets- Dallas Stars NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Tickets

  • 04.30.03 - Movies/Advertising/Automobiles/Comic/Superheros - X-Men Mazda RX-8 - Check out the new Mazda in X-Men 2 the movie.. build your own car with rocket launchers
  • 04.29.03 - Sports/Professional/NBA/Basketball/Dallas - Dallas Mavericks - We were at Dallas Restaurant Life's Paris Vendome on the patio in West Village last night and a killer Mercedes pulls up and Dirk Nowitski gets out, he is very tall and very cool, we (me, Eric from WFAA and Evan), had a bet on how old he was, when he came back from Ferre', Evan just walked up and asked him how old he was, (24), GO MAVS!!!
  • 04.28.03 - Sports/Professional/NHL/Hockey/Dallas - Dallas Stars - Go Stars, on the way to the Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • 04.27.03 - Flash/Games/Sports/Automobiles/Racing/NASCAR/Beer - Miller Lite Virtual Racing - own a racing team and invite your friends, paisley is currently qualified 4th for the next race.
  • 04.26.03 - Clothing/Sports/Activewear/Women - Reebok Women - great site for women about the clothing offered for women by Reebok.
  • 04.25.03 - Public/Ideas/Funding/Visa - Ideas Happen - as opposed to feces occurs, ideas happen, read stories of people who have ideas and wish the Visa would fund them.
  • 04.24.03 - Flash/Hair Care/Supplies/Professional/ - Clarol Professional - very cool flash website, nice colors, nice themes on the inside pages.
    -+- some sites that should be in the webbys, see above. -+-

  • 04.23.03 - Internet/Design/Web Awards/Webbys/2003 - 2003 Webby Awards - maybe I am just not seeing it all, but last year when I judged, it seemed like the websites were much better and more of them.
  • 04.22.03 - Travel/Opinion/Journals/Webbys - I Go U Go - share your travel experiences and win free travel, well, not free, you have to write stuff.
  • 04.21.03 - Fashion/Design/Japan/News/Webbys - Japanese Streets - looking for the latest in cell phone gear? want to know what anime inspired trends are coming your way?
  • 04.20.03 - Music/Flash/Awards/Webbys - The Flaming Lips - Very cool website nominated for the Webby Awards
  • 04.19.03 - Games/PlayStation 2/Rated M for Mature/Flash Grand Theft Auto - Vice City - Very, Very Cool Flash website, for a playstation 2 game from rockstar games.
  • 04.18.03 - Books/Movies/Flash/Fantasy/Witchcraft - Harry Potter Website - new DVD was just released , has tons of cut footage from the movie.
  • 04.17.03 - DFW Metroplex/Personal Injury Attorney/Lawyers/Dallas - Fort Worth - Kerry Collins - Attorney at Law - Fort Worth based personal injury lawyer, serving dallas and the DFW metro plex.
  • 04.16.03 - Payday Loans/Cash Advance/Direct Deposit Loans/Bad Credit Loans/Pay day loan - PayDay Loans and Cash Advance Network - need a payday loan or a cash advance? click here for payday loans and cash advances
  • 04.15.03 - Taxes/IRS/E-File/Extensions/Tax Forms - Internal Revenue Service - file your taxes for free online, if you work part time at burger king..
  • 04.14.03 - Movies/Action/Flash/Martial Arts/Super Models - Bullet Proof Monk - take uber Martial Artist/Film Star Chow Yun-Fat, add super model James King (now Jamie), and the guy from road trip, american pie, stifler? hrmm could be good.
  • 04.13.03 - Advertising/Professional/Associations/AAF/Flash/ - District X - AAF Tenth District - Tenth District of the American Advertising Federation composed of local advertising clubs in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana
  • 04.12.03 - Health/Global Alert/Diseases/Epidemic?/SARS Virus - SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME - SARS - Worldwide disease chart showing the spread across the world and the U.S.
  • 04.11.03 - Flash/Internet/Design/Conferences/Canada - Flash in the Can - Canada's flash development festival April 14-16th, experts on flash, demonstarions on flash and cool flash design.
  • 04.10.03 - Middle East/Countries/Iraq/ - Iraq - as they learn about freedom, check out what little has been posted in Yahoo! for Iraq.
  • 04.09.03 - Health/Diseases/Epidemic?/SARS/ - SARS Virus - CDC - Center for Disease Control information on the SARS virus.
  • 04.08.03 - Media/Newspapers/World/Texas/DFW/Dallas - Dallas Morning News - L.A. Times, sucks, New York Times, sucks, Dallas Morning News unbiased, fair and balanced news coverage on your doorstep.
  • 04.07.03 - Internet/WWW/Search Engines/Directories - New Yahoo! Search - Yahoo! taking some tips from Google revises it's search engine very carefully as not to upset anyone.
  • 04.06.03 - Television/PBS/Mini-Series/Dallas/Texas/Television/Science - Big Ideas Online - PBS series about science, the cosmos and Einstein's theories, big thinkers, big ideas. Check out the site for times in your area.
  • 04.05.03 - Basketball/College/NCAA/Final Four/Universities/Texas - University of Texas - ok, men's and women's college basketball teams both in Final Four.
  • 04.04.03 - Happy Birthday Mike!
  • 04.03.03 - Military/Support/Government/War on Iraq/Flash - Give Thanks America - send a personal video message to to American heroes in every uniform: military, police, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians.
  • 04.03.03 - Military/Support/Government/War on Iraq - Defend America - site shows many ways to support the Coalition forces.
  • 04.02.03 - Flash/Internet/Search Engines - Flahoo - Flash search engine.. too bad about the back button thing.
  • 04.01.03 - Military/Support/War on Iraq - Military Thank you - send a thank you note to military personnel
  • 04.01.03 - Military/War/Troops/Support/Telephone - Operation Uplink - send some airtime on the phone to someone in the military in iraq.
  • 04.01.03 - Jokes/April Fool's/Military/War - Navy SALTS e-mail - send a message to A member of the NAVY, you must know what ship they are on, send them the jokes from April Fool's Day!
  • 04.01.03 - Jokes/April Fool's/Military/War - OperationDearAbby.net - send a message to service members, send them the jokes from April Fool's Day!
  • 04.01.03 - Payday Loans/PAYDAY LOANS/pay day loans/cash advance/flash - Bad Credit Payday Loans - payday loans, payday loans, payday loans, cash advances and payday loans, click here for payday loans, yes, click here for PAYDAY LOANS

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