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06.30.17 - San Antonio/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Live Music/Sam's Burger Joint
Sam's Burger Joint - Sam's Burger Joint has been dishing-up awesome branded burgers and scrumptious comfort food to locals and world travelers for over a decade.The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. "it's not just great Music at Sam's"

06.29.17 - Dallas/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Shakes/Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburgers
Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburgers - Award after award, Chip's Old Fashioned Hamburgers remains one of the most popular restaurants in Dallas for over 30 years. It's fresh, high-quality ingredients have led loyal fans to vote it into Dallas' Burger Joint Hall of Fame.

06.28.17 - Dallas/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Shakes/Whataburger
Whataburger - Over six decades ago, an adventurous and determined entrepreneur Harmon Dobson had a bold idea: to serve a burger so big it took two hands to hold and so good that after a single bite customers couldn't help but exclaim "What a burger!" He named his humble burger stand, located on Ayers Street in Corpus Christi, Texas, "Whataburger."

06.27.17 - Tyler/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Jucys Hamburgers
Jucys Hamburgers - Since the first Jucy's opened it's doors in Longview, Texas in 1980, they have been making one of the freshest, and of course juiciest burgers you'll ever have the pleasure of eating.

06.26.17 - Dallas/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Twisted Root Burger Company
Twisted Root Burger Company - Twisted Root Burger Company is a flip flop and baseball cap burger joint where the locals know the only thing they take seriously is the food!

06.25.17 - Dallas/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Beer/Onion Rings/Maple & Motor
Maple & Motor - Maple and Motor is the combination of two neighbors, their culinary roots, and the desire to create a place that celebrates low class cool.

06.24.17 - Las Vegas/Nevada/Food Trucks/Burgers/Sliders/Fries/Slidin' Thru
Slidin' Thru - A seminal fixture in the Las Vegas food-truck scene, this mobie "bitty-burger" purveyor slings an excellence variety of gourmet sliders from it's vibrantly, deco-rated vehicle manned by an amazing staff affectionatley refered to as "bang squad."

06.23.17 - Las Vegas/Nevada/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Flippin' Good Burgers and Shakes
Flippin' Good Burgers and Shakes - The burgers are 100% USDA Lean Angus Beef and are fresh, never frozen. As a matter of fact, you wont find a freezer or a microwave in the building. The beef, chicken and turkey sit between fresh, locally baked buns. The French fries and onion rings are hand-cut and fried in cholesterol-free oil. All produce is fresh and crisp.

06.22.17 - Las Vegas/Nevada/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Stripburger
Stripburger - The burgers require two hands, piled high and grilled to perfection. Sip on craft cocktails and boozy milkshakes and snack on fresh-cut fries and hand-cut onion strings at the Strip's only all-outdoor restaurant.

06.21.17 - Las Vegas/Nevada/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Heart Attack Grill
Heart Attack Grill - The Heart Attack Grill is a hospital themed restaurant in downtown Las Vegas. It has become internationally famous for embracing and promoting uh-healthy diet of incredibly larger hamburgers. Customers are refered to as "patients," orders are "prescriptions," and the waitresses as "nurses".

06.20.17 - Las Vegas/Nevada/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Onion Rings/Habit Burger
Habit Burger - One bite of a Charburger will transport you to a place where cool ocean breezes sweep gently through majestic green palm fronds.

06.19.17 - Las Vegas/Nevada/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Onion Rings/Bobby's Burger Palace
Bobby's Burger Palace - Owned by celebrity chef Bobby Flay, Bobby's Burger Palace is his latest fast-casual burger cocept that serves unique burgers like the Crunchburger with double American cheese and potato chips and the Bobby Blue with bacon, blue cheese and tomato.

06.18.17 - Las Vegas/Nevada/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Onion Rings/Holsteins Shakes and Buns
Holsteins Shakes and Buns - Holsteins Shakes and Buns offers an incredible range of deliciously crafted burgers, riffs on traditional American snacks, a variety of plates perfect for sharing, a wide variety of craft and draft beers, an impressive list of signature Bam-Boozled, alcohol-infused milkshakes all with funky, creative and decidedly homegrown approach.

06.17.17 - Arlington/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Chop House Burgers
Bernie's Burger Bus - Old School Awesome - Bernie's proudly serves 100% made-from-scratch burgers and fries using only the best Black Angus Beef & freshly handmade condiments.

06.16.17 - Arlington/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Chop House Burgers
Chop House Burgers - "Remember when burgers had flavor? They were hand formed, seasoned and grilled on a char-broiler. served on a buttered toasted bun with fresh crisp lettuce, thin sliced onion, lightly sour dill pickle chips with mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup. Remember when it took 4 or 5 napkins to get through it? Chop House Burgers does and this is how they start.

06.15.17 - Dallas/Texas/Restaurants/Sammiches/Burgers/Fries/Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop
Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop - "While Uber's is best known for it's off-the-wall "Sammiches," they have Uber delicious burgers as well!

06.14.17 - Austin/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Shakes/Fries/Dirty Martin' Kum-Bak
Dirty Martin's Kum-Bak - Dirty's - A Longhorn Tradition Since 1926 -

06.13.17 - Houston/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Beer/Hubcap Grill
Hubcap Grill - Hubcap Grill creates specialty handcrafted burgers. They use fresh never frozen beef and handcut fries.The Houston Heights location is a great place to drink beer, eat burgers and hangout!

06.12.17 - Seabrook/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Onion Rings/Tookie's Burgers & More
Tookie's Burgers & More - If you are among those of us who think a great burger is the perfect meal, then Tookie's is where you want to eat.

06.11.17 - San Antonio/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Chris Madrids
Chris Madrids - People always ask what their secret is to satisfying burger lovers for almost 40 years. It's easy. They aim to serve the freshest food and provide the friendliest service in the restuarant buisness. The beef is never frozen. The salsa, pico de gallo, and refried beans are made fresh by hand....every day. And they treat their customers like they are part of the family!

06.10.17 - Addison/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Cheddar Fries/Snuffer's Restaurant & Bar
Snuffer's Restaurant & Bar - Renowned for their signature menu of legendary burgers and famous original cheddar fries.

06.09.17 - Dallas/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Onion Rings/Burger House Hamburgers
Burger House - Mouth watering burgers, famous fries, hand made shakes the old-fashioned way, just like they were made back in '51 when they first opened the restaurant.

06.08.17 - Frisco/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Onion Rings/Kenny's Burger Joint
Kenny's Burger Joint - The meat heavy menu relies on a natural hickory wood-burning grill, serving burgers up at healthy 8oz size, which range from the classic Zeds Straight Up Burger to the indulgence of the Mushroom Burger heaped with Brie and sauteed mushrooms.

06.07.17 - Beaumont/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Onion Rings/Shakes/Willy Burger
Willy Burger - Check out the Hee Haw Burger - It's Willy Willy Good! -

06.06.17 - Houston/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Bison/Beer/Bubba's Texas Burger Shack
Bubba's Texas Burger Shack - The funky little shack on Westpark - Bubba's Texas Burger Shack - Home of the Buffalo Burger -

06.05.17 - San Marcos/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Beer/Grins Restaurant
Grins Restaurant - Whether you're craving a world famous hamburger with texas-size homemade onion rings, delicious catfish, steaks, or sizzlin' fajitas the menu offers something for everyone.

06.04.17 - Austin/Texas/Restaurants/Burgers/Fries/Shakes/Hopdoddy Burger Bar
Hopdoddy Burger Bar - All natural burgers made with meat ground in house, fresh baked buns, and a side of hand-cut fries. Come smell. Come try. Come enjoy!

06.03.17 - EDC Las Vegas/Clothing/RaveHoods/Rave Gear/Rave Wear/Festival Fashion
FRW - Freedom Rave Wear - Rave Wear, Rave Kimonos and Rave Hoods from Freedom Rave Wear! Shop luxury rave clothing and discover the new standard in festival fashion. 24/7 support and free returns! #RaveHoods #EDCLV2017

06.02.17 - EDM/Music Festivals/Dance Music/Las Vegas/#EDCLasVegas2017
#EDCLasVegas2017 - Electric Daisy Carnival, commonly known as EDC, is one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the world, with its flagship held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Insomniac and Electric Daisy Carnival return with the best in electronic dance music, full-size carnival rides, performers, art and more!

06.01.17 - Homes for Sale/Real Estate/Realtors/Online/Websites/
Homes for Sale - Homes.com - Find homes for sale on Homes.com. Search houses in your zip code, county and state. Many realtor listings available.

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