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12.31.03 - Limos/Dallas/Texas/New Year's Eve/NightClubs/Restaurants/Parties/Events
Dallas Limousine Service - Dallas Limousine service provides limosines for Dallas, Addison, Fort Worth, Plano, Las Colinas, Irving for Weddings, Proms, New Year's Eve, Airport Transfers, and Nights on the Town. They have access to White Limos, Black Limos and Hummer H2 Limos serving the entire DFW Metroplex Area..

12.30.03 - Deep Ellum/Dallas/Texas/New Year's Eve/NightClubs/Restaurants/Parties/Events
New Year's Eve @ Divan Lounge - Nice looking place to spend New Year's Eve.

12.29.03 - Flash/Dallas/Texas/New Year's Eve/NightClubs/Restaurants/Parties/Events
New Year's Eve in Addison - If you are spending your New Year's Eve in Addison, then my choice would be Mercy Wine Bar, some business associates and myself recently had our Christmas Happy Hour here and the food and the wine was most excellent.

12.28.03 - Flash/Dallas/Texas/New Year's Eve/NightClubs/Restaurants/Parties/Events
Eight Lounge - New Year's Eve - Check out the website for Eight Lounge, I've been told this will be a great party and be sure and say Hi from Paisley to the Girl dancing in the Cage

12.27.03 - Hotels/Dallas/Texas/New Year's Eve/NightClubs/Restaurants/Parties/Events
Hotel Adolphus New Year's - The Hotel Adolphus annual New Year's Gala.

12.27.03 - Dallas/Texas/New Year's Eve/NightClubs/Restaurants/Parties/Events
New Year's Eve @ Nikita - New Year's @ Nikita, Dallas DJ Star, DJ Rob Vaughn, plays in the basement, if you like good tunes and great vodka, this is the place for your Dallas New Year's Eve in West Village.

12.27.03 - Dallas/Texas/New Year's Eve/NightClubs/Restaurants/Parties/Events
New Year's Eve @ Hotel ZaZa - If I had to pick a hotel in Dallas to party at New Year's Eve, this would be the one.

12.27.03 - Dallas/Texas/New Year's Eve/NightClubs/Restaurants/Parties/Events
New Year's Eve @ Sense, Candleroom, Cuba Libre - If food is your passion for New Year's Eve, be sure and check out the culinary stylings of the Food DJ, (oops), Executive Chef Nick Badovinus , who one would assume will be creating some cool stuff for New Year's Eve @ Sense, New Year's Eve @ Candleroom and New Year's Eve @ Cuba Libre.
(website has too many java errors to be cool, but the places themselves are way worthy of notice)

12.27.03 - Dallas/Texas/New Year's Eve/NightClubs/Restaurants/Parties/Events
New Year's Eve with Eisley at Trees - If rock is more your speed and not the old fogy kind, check out Eisley from Tyler, Texas in deep ellum at Trees

12.27.03 - Dallas/Texas/New Year's Eve/NightClubs/Restaurants/Parties/Events
Hall and Oates or the Beach Boys - Pick your oldies and spend your old fogy New Year's Eve with some other old musical fogies

12.26.03 - Children/New Year's Eve/Dallas/Texas/Parties/Events/Babysitting
Children's New Year's Eve Lock-in - New Year's Eve as a kid used to be boring, sit in front of the TV with your parents who wished they could be out with their friends getting hammered. Dallas, Texas Skate board park having a kids lock-in.

12.25.03 - Merry Christmas/Traditions/Myths and Facts
How Stuff Works - Christmas - See how myths and traditions got started, figure out what berries are about and Yule, etc..

12.24.03 - Dallas/Dance Music/DJs/New Year's Eve/Clubs/John Digweed/Live Mix Sets/Radio/U.K.
John Digweed Radio Mix Sets - What do I want for Christmas? To meet John Digweed @ Liquid Jan. 2nd in Dallas, Texas. Link is for some live mixes he does for KISS 100FM in the U.K.

12.23.03 - NFL/Playoffs/Football/Super Bowl
NFL Football Playoffs - It's Super Bowl time, check out the pairings for the NFL Playoffs and see if you can guess who will play in the Super Bowl in Houston .

12.22.03 - Hockey/Stanley Cup Playoffs/Clothing//NHL/Jerseys
IceJerseys.com - Shop Now! - Official NHL Hockey Jerseys with your teams name on them and your name, personalized NHL Hockey Jerseys.

12.21.03 - SuperBowl/New Year's Eve/Hotels/Lodging/Dallas/Houston/Texas
HotelDiscounts.net - Book your hotel room for New Year's Eve in Dallas, Texas or book your room for the super bowl in Houston, Texas.

12.20.03 - SuperBowl/Football/Dallas Cowboys
FansEdge.com - Dallas Cowboys going to the Super Bowl?. Just in case get your Dallas Cowboys Jerseys.

12.19.03 - New Year's/Resolutions/Fitness/Nutrition
Diet Power - Diet Power Software helps you manage your nutrition, your diet and your work outs.

12.18.03 - Flash/Movies/Motorcycles/Ice Cube/Games
Torque - Motorcycles and Mayhem in the movie website with flash game.

12.17.03 - Flash/Movies/Adults/Fairy Tales
Big Fish - A very interesting, (Trippy), Movie.

12.16.03 - Internet/E-mail/Spam/Legislation/Laws/
CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (S.877/HR 2214) - Senate and House create very weak and possibly very bad bill to fight spam, Bush approves bill, law goes into effect New Year's Day 2004.

12.15.03 - Christmas/Recipes/Regional/Ethnic/Dish Types
Recipe Source - Epicurious is usually the source that I go to for recipes but Recipe Source does have some neat stuff.

12.14.03 - Christmas/Recipes/Olde World/Europe
Epicurious Euro-Yule - Epicurious provides some different Christmas Recipes from Europe.

12.13.03 - Football/NFL/Super Bowl/Houston/Texas/2003-2004/Gambling
NFL Super Bowl Bets - Bet on NFL Football, Bet on the NFC and AFC Conference Championship, Bet on the 2003-2004 NFL Super Bowl in Houston, Texas.

12.12.03 - New Year's/Champagne/Gifts/Parties/Alcohol
The Dom Perignon Experience - - Champagne for New Year's? Do it right go with Dom Perignon. Order this Champagne and Platinum laced Flute set for your personal New Year's Eve party.

12.11.03 - History/Literature/J.R.R. Tolkien/
The Tolkien Society - Educational Organization in the U.K. dedicated to information about a famous author.

12.10.03 - Flash/Movies/Action/J.R.R. Tolkien/
Lord of the Rings - Return of The King - Early Previews say this is the best of the three movies but very, very long.

12.09.03 - Flash/Movies/Action/Uma Thurman/Ben Affleck
Paycheck - Very cool Flash movie website, movie looks like it should be good as well.

12.08.03 - Flash/Movies/Children/Fairy Tales
Peter Pan - Peter Pan Movie, I kind of liked the one with Robin Williams but this show is supposed to be spectactular.

12.07.03 - Sports/Football/BCS/College Championships/Bowl Games
Holiday Bowl - Texas Longhorns vs. Washington State.

Cotton Bowl - Oklahoma State vs. Ole Miss in this fine Dallas football bowl game.

Nokia Sugar Bowl - Oklahoma vs. LSU for the national Championship.

Fiesta Bowl - Ohio State vs. Kansas State.

Alamo Bowl - Shouldn't this be Texas A & M vs. Texas? Nope, it's Nebraska vs. Michigan State..

Orange Bowl - Florida State vs. Miami, see Florida vs. Florida.

Rose Bowl - USC vs. Univ. of Michigan.

12.06.03 - Flash/Design/Groupings/Malaysia
zonesdesign - Malaysian design talent and links to flash/webdesign teams from the other side of the world. Very cool designs all over the place, be sure and click around.

12.05.03 - Flash/Television/Paris Hilton/Reality Shows?
Simple Life - Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in Arkansas, muhahaha!!. This is Reality TV?

12.04.03 - Copywriting/Advertising/Marketing/Dallas/Texas
Exciting Writing - Exciting Writing, copywriting service in Dallas, Texas that does a really good job of creative text, cool writing.

12.03.03 - Games/Rules/Driving/Road Trips
Shotgun Rules - Always scrambling to be the co-pilot on driving expeditions, road trips or cruises? Here are the rules... print them out or order the handy pocket guide to always have the rules.

12.02.03 - Trailers/Big Tex Trailers/CM Trailers/Wells Cargo Trailers/Shopping/Online/Horse Trailers/Cargo Trailers
Trailers Direct - Shop for Christmas present online, need a horse or cargo trailer for Christmas? Check out the new and used trailers here.

12.01.03 - Flash/Trailers/Manufacturers/Transportaion/Texas Automotive/Gooseneck Trailers/Dump Trailers/Motorcycle Trailers/Utility Trailers
Big Tex Trailers - Big Tex Trailers, home of the largest flatbed utility trailer and industrial equipment trailer manufacturer in the nation. BigTex Trailers can design and build custom, flatbed utility trailers to fit any and all of your needs. Big Tex Trailers also specializes in Gooseneck Trailers, offering the highest quality, gooseneck, trailers on the market.


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